Apr 19 2020

April 19, 2020 Meeting Summary

HVWTs had its first online, Zoom meeting with 13 members logging in.

The board met for 15 minutes at 12:45 and the meeting started at 1:00 with a little delay for people that may be having a little trouble logging in.

John our VP researched and did a great job setting up the platform for the meeting.

Steve our treasurer reported that cash is in good shape after paying the discounted (-$25) rent, regularly $55.00 per meeting. He also reported that liability insurance was paid as well for $200.00.

Jeff our President recommended that all members log on to AAW American Association of Woodturners https://www.woodturner.org/ to learn and to motivate yourself. He pointed out the first 3 months are free. Check it out. He also challenged members to bring a show and tell to the next meeting, if nothing else, some variation on a 6” bowl as sort of a President’s Challenge,

Safety: No one reported any issues.

Eisenhower center: Closed during the Pandemic.

Dan reported that a new member, Ken Fisher is going to join but did not furnish address…

Personally, I though the first online meeting was a great experience. After the foregoing formalities, the meeting became an open discussion. The more experienced members shared their wisdom with newer members. There were conversations about epoxy, dampness of wood and percent moisture targets, drying techniques, finishing, Sketchup and many more. Lots of information was shared. An advantage that I did not think of, participants could see up close what was being presented. You could hear easily because you set the volume. It was easy to ask questions. Information was freely shared. Very helpful. I suspect this will have a long term positive impact on club meetings going forward.

The May meeting will also be via Zoom so watch for emails with further information. Feel free to contact a club officer if you have questions or problems with this meeting format. If anyone not a member wants to participate (like visiting) they should contact a club officer for the meeting information.