May 20 2017

April 2017 Meeting Summary

Jeff Braunscheidel (president), with input from Steve, Ron, and Dan, discussed most of the items covered in the Executive Forum.

Steve (treasurer), reported our account balance and recent expenses paid.
20 people have paid dues. We have 23 people in our club with the junior members included.

Jeff talked about the AAW incentive running through July where club members who have never joined AAW can join for half price ($30).

We will have a Learn and Turn next Saturday, April 29. Jeff, Erica and Dan will be there. It occurs at the Eisenhower Center and will run from 1-4 pm. People need to bring wood and tools. You don’t have to stay there the entire time.

The website looks good. Jeff summarizes our meeting notes for Pat to put on the website. Jeff pointed out that there are very few pictures of our meetings and work on the website. Steve asked that anyone having pictures from club meetings place them in “Dropbox”. He needs our names to give us access to this program that captures large amounts of memory. Contact him if you have any questions.

The position of secretary is still open. While Erica is filling in temporarily, we really need someone to step up and take this over. Anyone willing to cover this should contact one of the officers or talk to Erica if they have any questions.

Ron brought in the club patches which look fantastic. We passed out these patches to each attending club member today. Every club member gets one patch free and if anyone wants another patch, they are available for $2. Erica kept track of who got the patches.

We discussed the building agreement. It was suggested that instead of renewing it each year that we request an ungoing use agreement that would not expire. We would simply provide a calendar of meeting/event dates at the start of each year. Jeff and Steve will work on this.

Dan Chapman mentioned that there might be the possibility that we could hold our Holiday Sale in Dexter at a centralized building there, thus putting our work in easy access to the holiday shoppers.

This month the special raffle is an assortment of abranet sandpaper disks. Next month it will be the Beal Buffing System. Dan is looking into something that will allow this to be more easily used on any lathe with a #2 morse taper headstock.

Erica will be sending out a contact list now that most of the dues have been paid. This list will also be used to receive discounts from Hartville and Klingspor.

A former club member has offered his large workshop for a place to hold demonstrations from professional turners. The Exec Board will look into this.

Steve St. Charles talked about safety issues of which one is turning unstable pieces of wood. He was lucky he was wearing his shield when one he was working on came off the lathe and wacked him pretty good.

Show and Tell:
We had three guests today, one of them (Robert) talked about his turned pens. The finish he uses is CA glue.

Another brought in an assortment of bandsaw blades for the group.

Mark brought in his three lamps, each made of different wood. He also talked about his use of Elmer’s glue instead of Anchor Seal for sealing wood end grain….much cheaper and accomplishes the same thing.

John Fink showed us his tapered reamer that he made to helps him insert stool legs. He used a dry wall saw blade and hard maple.

Karl showed us his eucalyptus ringed bowl and explained how he made it. He advised that the bottom of bowls should be a third of the diameter. He also showed us another ringed bowl that had veneer to separate the rings.

Dan showed us his cherry and Bradford pear vessels. He uses the min-wax, wipe-on poly with sanding at 400 between the 8 coats.

Steve showed us the chopping board for his “mezza luna” vegetable cutter. The finish was mineral oil.

Maurice’s Demonstration on pen turning and assembly:

  • He likes Penn State to buy the kits which have all the instructions we need. He uses both wood and acrylic.
  • He showed us the slotted wood in which he lays out the order of pen parts so that he doesn’t screw up.
  • He sands the brass tube so that the glue/epoxy will hold.
  • He drills a hole in the blank. He drills ½ way through and backs out slowly to avoid chipping. The cutting bit is specially sized to match the type of pen being made.
  • Using special jaws on his chuck he holds the drilled blank with the brass insert glued in and carefully cuts the end of the blank square down to the brass insert.
  • He puts the mandrel on the lathe then puts the drilled blank with the brass insert glued in unto the mandrel.
  • Turning acrylic can be tricky because eyeballing the colors impacts depth perception. He advises turning acrylic slower.
  • He sands starting at 320, then 400, then 1500.
  • He also demonstrated the use of the press to assemble all the parts of the pen once the turning was completed.
  • The cost of all the various tool aides he used was about $150…pen press, pen mandrel, pen jaws, punches…..