Apr 20 2019

April Meeting

Executive Meeting

WIT email: lengthy discussion about why our club has only one woman. Maybe a few factors include our location and the fact that women often are intimidated in a mostly man club. As club WIT liaison, Erica will ask members to invite women friends, family members etc.

Steve suggested posting a flyer at The Tool Shop, Woodcraft, Rockler to expose the public to the possibility of joining our club. Steve will put some words together and Erica will make it pretty.

Treasurer tells us that two people have not yet cashed checks. Erica will contact them and give Steve feedback so he can balance the books.

18 people have paid dues…books closed on sending list to vendors.

Vendor list: Steve gave Erica a list of paid dues members and executive board decided to include address, email address, and names. Erica will send it. The discount for dues paying club members is the following: Hartville (15%) and Klingspor (10%).

Maker’s Works: We are planning to meet there the 3rd Sunday in June for our monthly meeting. We have to be out of there by 1:30 – 3:30.We will do natural edge bowl turning as a demo that month.

John is working on getting the demonstration schedule together. Next month he will demo weed pots.


General Meeting

Treasurer report was given. He also reported 18 dues paid members.

List of paid members will be sent out this week by Erica to Hartville and Klingspor.

WIT (Women In Turning) discussion regarding inviting our women friends and family members who have ever been interested in woodturning to accompany members to our club meeting.

Jeff talked about the Ohio Symposium Turning 2019 that will be held October 18-20, a 3 day immersion in turning.

June meeting at Maker’s Works. South of 94, State Street exit.
Group project: John Fink is doing a weed pot demo next month. Members are encouraged to take a piece of American elm that Erica brought in to work on for the next two months to create some version of a weedpot/vessel.

Announcement of the rummage sale, April 28th 10-3 in Whitmore lake at 266 Dartmoor Rd. Lots of wonderful treasures with Dan and Russ there to help the widow sell her husband’s things.

Eisenhower Center will be getting a new lathe 1 May. Volunteers still very welcome.


Safety discussion:
CA glue can pull a cut together quickly.
When turning a project with wings like a live edge bowl, putting a paper tape on tool rest to indicate a “don’t stick your hand here” area. Putting white chalk board chalk on the wings to help visualize where not to put our hands.

President’s Challenge and Show and Tell:
Dan’s English walnut and black walnut: Danish oil and poly finish
Jeff’s bowl: white oak and Danish oil
Jeff’s spalted box
Ericas ash box
Tom showed his threaded cherry box
Mark’s tulip boxes ‘rock and roll’
Mark’s gorgeous segmented spiral bowl.
Bill’s acacia bowl and Live Oak bowl.
Raffle tickets were given out to everyone who brought in something for the President’s Challenge. Erica won.

Special Raffle for Russ’s handmade hollowing tool was won by Jeff.

Next special raffle is the chatter and spiraling tool combination.

Demonstration time: John Fink coordinated a discussion on sharpening.
John Jordan DVD on sharpening was viewed as a starting point.
Various members brought in their sharpening systems and talked about them. Jeff had
a grinder with the wolverine system and explained its use briefly. Others commented and mentioned other sharpening systems.
The discussion included setting the right angle for specific tools. There are certain angles for gouges, skews, and so on.

There were a few replies to questions handed out at the March meeting:
What’s working
I really like the meetings and the hints given by the more experienced turners. Great fellowship.

What’s not working
We need to get more patients at The Eisenhower center taking part in turning. It is quite
an effort to get there with proper equipment and then only have 2 or 3 patients show up in
two hours. On the other hand, it is difficult to handle more than 3 at a time. All in all, it is
working pretty well.

What’s missing
I think we should have club booths at big shows such as the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Such a
show is too expensive for one person to enter (was $1200 a few years ago).