Aug 19 2018

August 2018 Meeting

Minutes of August 19, 2018 Club Meeting
Meeting was held at Crossroads Community Center at 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130


Executive Meeting 12:00

  • Jeff Braunscheidel (President) present
  • Dan Konyn (Past President) present
  • Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer) present
  • Jim Westgate (Co-Secretary) present
  • Russ Clinard
  • Bruce Boughner


Items Discussed (see club meeting notes for details):
Financial Report, Picnic, Eisenhower Center, Events, Raffles, Lease, Demonstrator planning


Regular Club meeting:

Financial report:
Treasurer updated account balances, bills paid, and income received. Contact a club
officer if you want more details. Steve has obtained and started using the new club
credit card that has a 2% rebate on purchases. The second card will be held by the


Jeff volunteered to stay on as president for another 2 years.
Erica Perry and Jim Westgate remain co-secretaries as well.



No news to share other than Erica is communicating with Thelma about renewing
for the next two years. There is a meeting on 9/21/18 shere Thelma will discuss
with her board the plans for our current meeting place. Hopefully we will still have a
home. New lease agreement will be initiated after we hear what the board has to


Picnic instead of the next meeting, Sept 16: See upcoming events.


Dan secured a donation of the magnetic based and flexible stemmed light from Ken at www.woodturnerswonders.com. A thank you note was sent to Ken at Woodturners Wonders in Georgia for the donated light. Tickets sold quickly, the threshold level was met and the lucky ticket holder took it home. It was not Dan for a change. A total of 23 tickets were sold with all proceeds going to the club.

Usual raffle progressed, Bruce was happy his ticket was drawn first as he picked a brand-new small LED light that came with the larger light from Woodturners Wonders. Other members won a few pieces of wood and gift certificates from Advantage Lumber.
If you have items you can contribute to the club for future raffles, please do so.


Jeff will attempt to coordinate with other woodturning clubs in the area to possibly assist in bringing in a professional turner next year for a demonstration at one of these clubs that has the proper facilities. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along to him.


Homework Assignment
Your assignment: For the October meeting, we are doing what I have coined “Road Kill”. This is an adventure of finding and using a piece of ”waste wood”. Take a picture of it where you find it then turn your creative juices on and see if you can make something you’re proud of or not.


Eisenhower Center
3200 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
From 3:00 to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Open turning on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 1:00 to 4:00PM
This is our clubs outreach to others.
Your help is needed, please stop.


Special request
Need- 2 to 3 inch square pieces of various wood types for basic turning stock. (4 lathes consume a lot of wood.)
Need- Rub on finishes, contact Bruce or Dan for more information.
A special thank you goes out to Jerry and Tim from the Michigan /Ohio Woodturners for their ongoing help.


Upcoming Club Events and Reoccurring Events
September 16th, the 3rd Sunday of September:
Club Picnic beginning at noon since no executive meeting. Picnic will be held outside with the building as a backup if it rains. Club supplies the grill and fuel, meat, buns, and condiments. Members are requested to bring a dish to pass as well as your own chairs. Sign up for your contribution was at the August meeting, if you missed it as I did, bring something good or contact Erica and let her know you are coming and what you are bringing. Dan is going to invite Jerry & Tim from MI/OH Turners to come as they volunteer at the Eisenhower Center regularly. Carter & Sons is donating items for raffle at the picnic and many other raffle items have already been procured as well.

September 22nd. Webster Fall Festival: www.websterfallfestival.org See Erica’s earlier email to all club members for details or if you want to participate as vendor or demonstrator.

October 6.
Saline Wood Carving Show at “Old Liberty High School” on Ann Arbor Saline RD in the Gym. For more information or if interested contact Bruce Boughner.
$15.00 per table if you want to sell your wares.

October 21. Regular club meeting.

November 18. Regular club meeting.

December 2-3: Club Holiday Sale. Contact Dan Konyn to reserve a spot if you are interested in selling.


Internet Club Deals
-Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.com for some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.
-Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.
-Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop


Safety Corner:
Jeff noted that it’s a bad idea to start the lathe on when your CA is not dry. It turns into a hard mess to clean up.



Jeff Braunscheidel demonstrated the basics of turning a goblet. Start with hollowing the bowl and finish inside completely. Use light cuts so you don’t cause the wood to come out of the chuck. Replace the tail stock holding inside the goblet’s bowl with something to protect the finish. Then proceed with final shaping of the outside and the stem and base. Finish sand outside of stem and base and apply finish, if desired, before parting the goblet off.

Jeff also demonstrated how he made a 3- pointed bowl starting from a cube that is as close to a perfect cube as you can get. It starts by the way you look at the cube. Start by holding one corner in headstock spindle and the opposite corner in the live center with the center point removed. Create a tenon to secure in the headstock and re-secure the opposite corner in the tailstock for initial shaping. As you carefully turn the outside, a 3-pointed figure will appear. Extra care is needed as the protruding points of the 3 sides need light cuts to preserve them. Then remove the tail stock and hollow out the 3-pointed bowl that will appear as you remove the tail-stock portion of the block.