Aug 11 2019

August Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

Minutes for August 18, 2019 meeting


Executive Forum

Treasurer’s report: rent and website paid this month

Elections for Vice President and Treasurer next month.

Website manager change from Patrick to Sofia

Publicity for the club: it was suggested that we publicize our club in the Observer every month

We discussed paying $50 for demonstrators from other clubs and Erica suggested someone who volunteers at the Eisenhower Center with her and Dan.

We reviewed plans for September’s meeting: no potluck but people can bring snacks.  Mark will demo segmented turning.

Bill Anderson agreed to be the demonstrator for October.

Someone suggested doing homemade tools for November.

Jeff will talk with Thelma about whether we could have our club meeting on the Saturday following our holiday sale in December.

Steve said it would be great incentive for him to remain our treasurer if everyone could take care of their own sales at the Holliday Sale and we would trust each seller to give 20% to our chosen charities.

The Webster Fall Festival is September 28th and 5 of us will be selling that day.  We will divide the entry fee among us.  We will also do a demo as a way to reach out to the community to increase membership.


General Meeting: 14 in attendance

Sofia’s dad was introduced.

No member made a nomination for VP or Treasurer.  Elections will be next month.

All of the items mentioned above in the executive forum were presented to the membership.

The Chelsea Festival was discussed.

Kudos to our treasurer, Steve Kolpacke, who was featured on TV and YouTube.

The safety topic brought up was about air filtration collectors and the need to clean filters.

Bill brought up the idea of having a club booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  He will pursue collecting information on this.

We discussed checking out the Michigan Folk School modeled after the John Campbell Folk School.  It is located at the Staebler Farm near Frains Lake.  Erica will visit possibly with Jeff or Steve.

Jeff has an 18-inch Grizzly band saw for sale for $200.


Show and Tell:  see pictures (was too caught up in taking pictures to write down names!  I know Carrol and John and Mark and Jeff brought in things but probably have forgotten who else.)



VP John Fink did another great presentation, this time on Finishes.  He provided us with a handout and brought in all the finishes he has used, their pros and cons.  He discussed oils (non drying and drying), Varnishes, Wiping varnish, Shellac, Cornuba wax, lacquer, and polyurethane.

He referred to Understanding wood finishing by Bob Flexner as a great resource guide.