Dec 31 2020

August meeting via Zoom

August meeting via Zoom

John Fink and Jim Westgate started the board meeting with Steve Kolpacke joining a bit later.
Officer election is rescheduled October.
Jeff is stepping down from President and volunteered for Secretary.
John and Jeff will retain their positions of VP and Treasure.
President’s position is open. A volunteer is needed.
Steve reported cash went down by $15.00. (Zoom expense.)

Eisenhower Center: closed due to Covid-19. There was no report on the construction of the new building.
Safety- Steve spoke of an incident on his band saw, apparently wood going into the blade twisted, causing a potentially dangerous situation, only the blade was bent which he hammered straight.

John controlled the Zoom connection and opened the meeting. Seven members tuned in.
A question was asked about length of availability and connectivity of Zoom meetings from professional presenters.
No one knew the answer. If anyone finds out, please tell. I suspect it is dependent on the individual.

Raffle program is on hold.

Bill’s shop tour:
Using Bill’s cell phone and Zoom, Bill was able to walk about his “basement” shop that was actually (I’m guessing) half above ground. Lots of light was streaming in through transom windows that made it feel like an above ground room.
Bill showed two bowls that he made from bug invested maple. They appeared as if the wood was liquid at one time and poured together like paint, but only slightly mixed.
Bill spoke of Klingpor’s Wood Working Shop where he buys bulk sandpaper and saves big time with the club discount. (Klingpor’s information on the second tab of the excel membership list.)
Bill walked about his shop showing his equipment and how he keep himself organized.

Steve shared the wood working mallet he made and the plans he drew up before making it.

John described how he sets up and sharpens a “40-40” chisel.
September meeting (9/20/20 at 1:00) will feature, through Zoom, Craig Timmerman, craig@armadillowoodworks.com www.armadillowoodworks.com http://armadillowoodworks.com/pdfs/turninganarchbowl.pdf Details will follow.

Meeting concluded at 2:30

Meet the 3rd Sunday of the month. Executive from noon to 1:00, regular 1:00 to ~ 3:00 at the Crossroad community Center located at 5501 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130
During the Pandemic the meeting is being held on the Zoom website with the web address and passcode emailed out with the meeting notice.