Jan 18 2020

December 14, 2019 Minutes

Huron Valley Woodturners December 14, 2019 Meeting Summary

On December 2nd, 2019 a special email was sent to membership reminding of the special meeting time on Saturday the 14th.

December 14, 2019 Executive Meeting Present: Jeff Braunscheidel (President), John Fink (Vice President), Erica Perry (Co-Secretary) Jim Westgate (Co-Secretary) and Carroll Johnson. Absent: Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer) therein no financial report.

Jeff called the meeting to order at 12:15.

The Eisenhower Center is currently open 1 day per week (Tuesday) as this is all that is necessary to meet current needs. No other news was discussed.

Holiday Sale resulted in $3,084 in gross receipts resulting in $275 going to charity. There was also a raffled of donated items resulting in an additional $280.00 income to the club.

Erica joined the Webster Historical Society. Is this true?

Sofia DiPirro is going to take over the maintenance of the club’s web page. Club membership dues are now due for 2020. Members are reminded to pay their annual dues of $60 as soon as they can. New members who have joined and paid their dues in the last 2 months are covered for 2020.

Discussion about our website needing updating. Ideas – links, demos, books, recommendations. Perhaps a member’s page where they could post their work and whatever they’d like to share.

Ideas were discussed for the next year’s activities and demonstrations.

Visit member’s workshops Unique turning techniques Basic Tools and how to use them Mounting methods Making your own tools Band saw techniques, care, adjustments, and blades How to sell your goods Grain orientation Creating usable blanks Scraping vs cutting Problem solving Ageing and storing blanks Begin with the end in mind

The regular raffle was conducted and tickets were also sold for the next special raffle item which is an Aurora LED light for the lathe. This light will be at the January meeting and tickets will continue to be sold ($5 each) until enough have been sold to cover the cost of the light ($125). Jack Sisack donated an oscillating sander that was auctioned off and provided $45 for the club.

A few members also shared Christmas items they have turned.




christmas ornaments