Mar 15 2018

February 2018 Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

February 18, 2018
(very brief due to the president taking notes while running meeting)

  • Treasurer Reports about $5,415 club funds ($5,478 total with grant funds added). Dues are now due and are $60 annually
  • Use of the building and time has been agreed to with the Historical Society. We will continue to have the use of the entire building on the 3rd Sunday from 12-3. They will not use the building for the farmer’s market on the 3rd Sunday, although they might start using the grounds during the warmer weather periods. This might change for 2019. Members are encouraged to keep an eye out for other possibilities for a permanent meeting location.
  • Discussion of upcoming demonstrations resulted in Mark K. agreeing to do scrapers (including negative rake scrapers) for the March meeting. Carbide turning tools will be the likely topic for the April Meeting.
  • The president’s challenge was to do something and use a negative rake scraper on it and be prepared to discuss your experience.
  • Safety Experience – Use the Powermatic grate for starting off balance pieces and when turning green wood without the tailstock. Jeff B. described very large, wet piece coming out of chuck when tailstock was not used. Was very grateful for the grate catching that piece.
  • Eisenhower Center update from Dan K.
    • They could use some helpers since some of the usual ones are gone or out of commission right now. You don’t need to teach turning, just be a second pair of hands to help.
    • Also need wood donated as most of what they had has been used up. Get in touch with Dan if you have some to donate or bring it to the meeting.
    • The program has been funded by the Center, donations, and tool shop sales. Consider donation of tools of all types for resale at the ToolShop to benefit the EC.
  • Show & Tell
    • Mark showed some negative rake scrapers he made and sample work with them.
    • Jeff B. had a curly maple vase dyed with black aniline dye
  • A raffle was held for several nice pieces of wood and a special raffle for an assortment of abranet or foam cushion sanding disks.
  • Demonstration of Design Basics by John Fink with a very nice powerpoint presentation
    1. Consider what focus of piece will be (shape, color, grain pattern, texture, etc.)
    2. What will be its function (will it work, be decorative or “artistic”)
    3. Basic Elements
      1. Form
      2. Wood properties or features
      3. Texture
      4. Color
      5. Contrasts
    4. Multiple Elements combined in the same piece can be better than a single one