Feb 17 2019

February Meeting

Board Meeting

  • Jeff Braunscheidel: President
  • Jim Westgate: Co-Secretary
  • Dan Konyn: Past President

Jeff called the meeting to order at noon.

Steve sent financial information to Jeff, the club is financially sound.

  • Jeff discussed the budget for this year. The club needs a minimum of 15 members to break even based on projected expenses for the year. There are 12 paid with a few more still expected to pay so we should be in good shape for this year.
  • To avoid raising the dues, the board decided that the club will not pay for snacks at the meetings. Each member will be assigned a month when he/she will be responsible for the treats.
    It was also decided the club would not pay board members membership fees for the AAW. They will need to pay their own.

Those present at board meeting reviewed the suggested items for a special raffle item from the previous meeting. The decision was made to present 2 options to members, a combo of a texturing tool and a chatter tool, or a hunter-type curved end hollowing tool.

General Meeting (started at 1:15)

10 people attended the meeting. A potential new member, Jack, attended the meeting. He was at the Rockler store demo that Jeff did last weekend and came to see what our club was all about. Mike Wolf, who founded the Michigan Woodturners, was also present.

Jeff reported that the demonstration at the Rockler store went well. Steve was also there and assisted Jeff with talking to those present.

A review of the 2019 budget was presented to the members and the decisions made to keep expenses down were explained. A request was also made to PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Members can mail their dues payment to the treasurer (Steve) if they want to take care of this before the March meeting. See your membership list or contact one of the other officers for his address.

Membership was presented the two options for a special raffle item and voted to go with the chatter tool and texturing tool combo. These will be purchased and tickets will be sold for $5 each starting at the March meeting.

Mark Krecic shared a new air cleaning device made by Stratus www.breathecleanair.com
He said it comes in two sizes. The advantages of this machine, it sits on the ground allowing it to theoretically filter out a more dust in the air. The device will be made in 2 sizes.

Jim volunteered to send out a survey to the club members seeking advice on what the members think is going good, what needs changed, and what else they would like to see done at the club.

Dan worked with Jim to update the membership list. This will be sent out to paid members as soon as it is ready.

Dan gave a brief summary of the Eisenhower Center program and how it is going. Volunteers to help are always welcome.

No decision was made on what the demonstration will be for next meeting. The vice president was working on a schedule of demonstrations for the year, but he was not present to give an update.

For Show and Tell Dimitri brought in four ink pens and three boxes that he made. Very nice work.
Jeff brought in a nicely done turned box.

The regular raffle was held with 2 pieces of wood and 2 gift certificates given away.

The discussion concluded and several of the members went upstairs to watch Jeff demonstrate the basics of making a small lidded box.

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