Aug 11 2021

July 11, 2021

July 11, 2021 General Meeting Summary

There were 11 attendees for this meeting that started at 1:03pm.

An announcement was made that one of our members, Jack Frost, passed away on July 5. The Club will make a donation to the designated charity in his name (Habitat for Humanity).

An explanation of the situation at the Eisenhower Center began the meeting. Since their clientele is changing, we will no longer be teaching turning at their facility. All of the club’s equipment was picked up including several lathes, grinder, compressor, bandsaw, drill press, and many hand tools and accessories. Dan has graciously agreed to hold all of this in his garage until the final disposition of the equipment is resolved.

Other than two cabinets, the Robust Scout Lathe, a Nova Comet lathe, a grinder with sharpening system, and tools and accessories for these, it has been decided that the larger items will be sold with current club members getting first chance. The August meeting will be an in-person meeting with masks at Dan’s house on August 22nd where the larger items will be auctioned off or sold for a reasonable offer. See the end of these meeting notes for a list of items to be sold with starting bid prices. If no one is interested in these items at the starting prices then reasonable lower offers will be considered. The smaller items will be used as additional items in the club meeting raffles once in-person meetings resume. This way we will have more than just donated wood for these raffles.

The Robust lathe, the grinder, and accessories have been placed at the Community Center to use for club demonstrations when we resume in-person meetings. The cabinets will hopefully be placed in the basement for additional storage.

Safety – Members are reminded to be careful lifting heavy objects such as lathes. The EIC equipment move emphasized this.

Show & Tell
Mark K displayed a box elder wide-mouth hollow form with a lot of red coloring in the wood. Also, a wide-rimmed plate. He described how he had to soak areas of the wood on these pieces with a 50/50 finish solution to harden them for final sanding and finishing.
John F showed off his version of a 19th century monaural stethoscope he made from plans (mostly) in Mike Darlow’s book Useful Woodturning Projects. He also ran through a series of PowerPoint slides showing how he made it. This was a precursor to the modern stethoscope and was pretty nifty. Google it for more information.

Special Raffle – A reminder if you are interested in tickets for the special raffle item to send your money to Steve K ($5 per ticket). The item being raffled is a Carter & Sons Toolworks negative rake scraper. Look for the M42 HSS Negative Rake Scraper 1” part# 1062810001 on their website.

Video Review – “The Burl of Insanity” by David Adamsen
Starting with a commonly shaped burl (slightly domed with natural surface) David turns something rather unexpected by adding a base and lid with finial to the finished product. Some safety concerns were noted mainly when he sanded by hand reaching inside a hollowed area that had a naturally rough edge. Try not to be too worried if you watch this segment as he does survive safely (although we strongly advise against doing this!). He also demonstrated what can happen if you turn coves and beads in an “uphill” direction against the grain with wood that is likely to splinter (it did).

The attendance raffle of a $10 Craft Supplies certificate was won by Jeff B.

Our next meeting will be at 1 p.m. August 22nd, in person with everyone wearing masks properly covering both nose and mouth, at Dan’s house. Information on that will be sent out before the meeting. (See the list of equipment for sale at this meeting below) Note this is a different meeting date than the normal 3rd Sunday date of August 15!