Jul 15 2018

July 2018 Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

July 2018 Meeting Minutes


July 15, 2018

Meeting was held at 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130


Executive meeting started at noon, ended at ~12:50


Jeff Braunscheidel (President)

John Fink (Vice President)

Dan Konyn (Past President)

Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer)

Jim Westgate (Co-Secretary) Approximately 5 minutes late.


Treasurer’s report:

HVWT continues in good financial standing. Members who want further information are encouraged to attend the Executive meeting starting at noon before the regular meeting starting at 1:00 PM.

Leadership is appropriately handling the club’s capital.  As an example, there was a conversation about a raffle item (flexible stemmed magnetic based work light) that was approved for acquisition only after the funds were raised for the purchase. A special “bucket”, (aka coffee can) was established to hold the funds until purchase is funded.  This could take a while.  There was no conversation about any extra money for the club for the effort. However, there was some discussion about purchasing an air filtering face shield for a future special raffle.

Membership needs to be 20 and greater to maintain working capital.


Give a warm welcome to Dale Tuckey, our newest member.  He has a friendly smile and I can tell, a good sense of humor. I will update the membership list and send one to him. Any other requests?


General Conversation:

– Review last month’s notes on reserving a sale table for the Holiday Sale, Webster Fall Festival on 9/22 and Saline woodcarving Show on 10/6.

-Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.comfor some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.

-Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.

-Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop.https://www.woodworkingshop.com

-The book “The Complete Guide to Sharpening” by Leonard Lee was mentioned as a great resource for sharpening advice.

-Summer potluck picnic will be on September 16ththis year at our usual meeting space, rain or shine. Bring your spouse. At the August meeting, details will be discussed.

-Next month nominations and elections are scheduled for President and Secretary. Those interested are encouraged to step forward.

– Volunteers are needed for demonstrations of skills you have learned.

– In her absence, Erica was nominated to speak with Thelma about renewing the meeting place contract.


Eisenhower Center:  The donated shelving enhanced storage and organization. No report on activity.


I did not do a good job of capturing the notes on the Webster Fall Festival and the Wood Carver’s event.  I think this is old news to you, too fast for me to get it down.  Please add details.


Raffle was a success. Lots of treasures for members to win.



Safety Conversation:

  • Always stay in control.
    • Anchor securely
    • Wear a face shield and protective snug fitting clothes
    • Use hardened metal screws. Never use sheetrock screws. Turn screws at least 7 full turns into the wood.
    • Start slowly and build up speed.
    • Have sharp tools


Bill Andersongave a presentation on turning rolling pins,

He turns two styles — an “American” style with a cylindrical body and handles on both ends, and French style that tapers off and is rounded. He has been turning these from green cherry and finishing them with mineral oil.

Bill uses “Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer” on his freshly cut turning billets. This can be bought locally at Woodcraft. He is looking for others to go in with him to buy larger quantities in order to get a better price.

Bill told us about his galloping lathe. He was setting up to turn a bowl. It was heavy for him and was loaded out of balance.  Started turning too fast and jumping across the room. Knocked him down, fortunately, he escaped with only minor abrasions and an injured ego.