Jul 21 2019

July Meeting

Executive meeting

Dan, Erica, John, Steve and Carroll were present


Regular Member Meeting

Financial report for Club and Eisenhower center was given by treasurer.


Eisenhower Center:

  • Dan turned in a receipt for lathe repairs, authorized to pay.
  • Client load has reduced. Two clients can be handled per hour. The service is offered one day per week this summer instead of two historically the balance of the year.
  • A lathe from the center was sold to Sofia for $200. Jerry (from the Ohio club) updated the wiring and put the turn off switch in a safer position. Unfortunately, after the work was done, it was found to be out of alignment and the club members agreed to refund the money. (Can she keep the lathe?)
  • Please remember if you’d like to support the club activities at The Eisenhower Center, donate your old tools to The Tool Shop, 5716 Executive Dr. Westland, MI 48185. All proceeds from the sale are given to the center.


Show & Tell:

  • Dan displayed his vase.
  • Jim, a pepper grinder.


Maker Works

Last month the meeting was held at Maker Works (www.maker-works.com), 3765 Plaza Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48108.  This was to see how the facility might work as a meeting place. Members discussed the pros and cons.



  • Better temperature control, Heat and AC
  • Space is adequate about 3/4 s of the current space.
  • Dan is going contact them and propose that the club leases a lathe to them $75.00 per month. The club can use the facility (and the lathe) during meetings.
  • Net zero money out for the club. A $600.00 annual savings.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Paved parking.


  • Questionable financial strength.
  • Many members will have a longer drive.
  • No storage space for supplies and club equipment



  • Liability release needs to be signed.


After discussion, it was decided there was no strong support to move the meeting location at this time.  This option will be kept in mind if a future need arises for another meeting location.


Our web site manager, Pat, has requested that we find someone else to maintain the web site since his son is no longer active in the club.  Little Joe has not been to the meetings of late and is missed.  Pat did say he would continue to help until we can arrange this. Sofia volunteered to learn how to post onto the web and will update club meeting notes for an uncommitted time period.



Webster’s Fall Festival is on September 28th.   The cost ($50) will be divided between exhibitors. Contact Dan if you are interested in selling or helping with the turning demonstration.


Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival will be this coming weekend. On Friday and Saturday, July 26th & 27th. Jeff, Dan and Mark are going to participate, selling their turned treasures.


Meeting was reconvened outside.  Mark demonstrated his preparation of a log for turning with a chainsaw and a power planer to establish a flat side.  He showed a series of clear plastic circles that he uses to establish a center and then showed his jig that he uses on his band saw to reduce lathe time.  It has an adjustable slide with a pin that is inserted into the hole made with the centering circles therein allowing him to accurately cut close to the ending bowl size desired. Accurate preparation leads to better results with less work and minimal clean up.


Next month’s meeting will be Sunday 8/18/19, at our usual meeting place, 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130 Executive meeting will start at noon, regular meeting at 1:00 pm. Finishing will be discussed. Please bring in the product and the process you use along with an example.


September’s meeting will be changed from a picnic to “bring snacks to share”.  If you attend the meeting and you want to eat, bring a sharable snack.


Elections for Treasurer and Vice President will be held in September.  There was some discussion and members were encouraged to consider these positions. If you’d like to put your name in for either position let one of the current officers know.


The facility was cleaned up, see you next month.