Jun 16 2019

June Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

June 16, 2019 Meeting Summary


Meeting was held at the meeting room at Makers Works in Ann Arbor to see how this worked.  Seemed to work just fine with some noise issues.  This will be discussed at the July meeting.


There are no meeting minutes for the May meeting.


Financial report was given by treasurer.


Club members participating in 2 upcoming shows with turning demonstrations and selling woodturned items.  The Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival on July 26-27, and the Webster

Twp. Fall Festival on Sept 28.  Dan is coordinating the Webster Festival show so contact him if you want to help demonstrate or sell.


Jeff informed members about the Ohio Woodturning Symposium occurring Oct 18-20 just outside Cincinnati.  The organizers have given us one free registration fee.  With members concurrence, Jeff will register with this free registration and then share it equally with anyone else from the club that goes to the symposium.  Ride sharing a possibility.  Contact Jeff if interested.


There will be a woodworking tool rummage sale in Whitmore Lake on Sat and Sun, June 22-23.  Dan, Russ and Erica are coordinating this to benefit the widow of the deceased woodworker.


Dan gave a brief update on the Eisenhower Center project.  One of the lathes there will be for sale soon.  Some of the residents turning work will be up for sale this coming Wednesday, June 19 at the Center.


Show and Tell:  Members that showed pieces they brought included Mark, Jeff, John, and Sophia.


Regular raffle held.


Demonstration was on turning a natural edge bowl by Jeff using the small Jet lathe the club uses for show demos.  Dan brought the lathe and accessories to the Makers Works site for this meeting.


Next Demonstration at July meeting will be blank preparation with actual chainsaw cutting outside the building.  John Fink will coordinate who brings and does what for the demo.


This meeting summary is very brief and many details were left out due to secretaries being absent and Jeff taking notes while running the meeting and doing the demo.  Apologies if anything important was left out.