Jul 27 2020

June Meeting Summary

Huron Valley Woodturners
June 20, 2020 Meeting Summary

Executive meeting began at 12:45. Basically we discussed how we wanted to present the Remote Demonstration information that John received from the 6 selected professional turners.

General Meeting began at 1:10.
Treasurer’s report. Rental on Ccrossroads Community Center was paid as was Zoom and a check to Jack Sisak for his Lathe which will go to the Eisenhower Center.
No issues with a Safety Discussion other than a reminder to wear a mask.
Eisenhower Center: Dan will be driving by to see what progress is made on the new workshop this week. We have a nice lathe to add to the new workshop. We are still receiving money from the Tool Shop for Eisenhower Center.
We will have elections for President and Secretary in August. Please consider running. Officers have the ability to shape the kind of club we want and the amount of work is not a lot.
We looked at Jeff’s write up of the 6 professional turners and took a vote on who the club wanted to demonstrate. Emilian Achaval got the most votes and John will see if he can do the demonstration at 6pm on July 19th. The two additional turners of interest were Craig Timmerman and Trent Bosch. We talked about having two professional turners this year and maybe skipping a month in between them.
AAW will have a Zoomed Virtual Symposium for just $20 July 10 – 12. Both members and non-members may participate.
Some turners have open demonstrations and dates on their websites. For instance, Cindy Drozda charges $10 to attend.
Show and Tell: most of our members have been working away from their lathes doing Honey-Do kinds of tasks.
However, Bill Anderson showed us a bowl he was turning that was “fuzzy and shredded” and we had a discussion about what one can do regarding cracks in bowls. Also, his vacuum pump died and he wondered if anyone had any ideas about where he could get a new one.
Carroll showed us a sycamore bowl he turned with regular woodturning tools. He has now switched to carbide. He also showed us a Nova live center for his tail stock.
Karl Anderson said he has been working on ringed bowls in his cool basement.
Steve showed us a Bradford Pear bowl/vessel which was spalted. He said that he used shellac for a finish.
Jeff showed us what started out as an end grain President’s Challenge project but turned into a small bowl and candle holder at his wife’s suggestion.

Shop Tour at Steve Kolpacke’s house!
In his garage he has a Powermatic lathe he got from Russ, a wire cage on top, and a rotating tail stock. He uses a magnetic strip to hold small tools and showed us his steady rest, hollowing system, grinder with two CBN wheels. He used a kerosene heater in the winter. He then took us down to his basement and showed us some of his flat work and his 1000 sq. foot workshop with lots of tools, (planer, joiner, metal cutting bandsaw, railroad track anvil, radial arm drill, shopsmith lathe, delta mini lathe and so on.

Next we saw the TV video of Steve talking about why he loves wood turning, how his art moves from tree to beautiful vessel, and how what many people see as defects really bring out the character of the wood.

Next membership meeting will be July 19, 2020 at 1pm.