May 28 2018

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at 5501 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130

Executive Meeting stated at 12:10 on May 20, ended at 12:50.

  • Jeff Braunscheidel (President)
  • (Dan Konyn past President.)
  • Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer)
  • Erica Perry & Jim Westgate (Co-Secretaries) These are Jim’s notes. Erica will not attend the next two meetings due to babysitting needs in Baltimore.


Treasure’s report

  • HVWT is in good financial shape. (Current balance is available to paid members upon request)
  • Steve requested permission to get a club credit card from our bank for paying bills, etc. This was approved. (TCS Bank Visa card).
  • Sue Fritz donated $250.00 to our Eisenhower Center work in memory of her deceased husband. This is in addition to her donation last year of $500.
  • Web site fee was authorized for upcoming payment, $35 & $95, two different payments.
  • Fees for use of the building may go up. Will have to see what board decides later this year.


General conversation:

  • Art On The River was mentioned. This event takes place at Dodge Park in Commerce Township. Historically the $75.00 fee is waived if a lathe demonstration is done.
  • Significant conversation about the “Holiday Sale”
    • “Young Joe” will be Chairman.
    • Looking for ways to advertise, Flyers, “A” frame sign, Newspaper, Facebook, (get help if needed.)
    • Meeting room and upstairs needs to be decorated so any help would be appreciated on the morning of November 30th.. Let Joe know if you plan on helping so he knows how much help he’ll have.
    • Sale takes place on December 1st and 2nd with cleanup afterwards.
    • The set up will be similar to past years. One table per vendor.
    • Table fee discussion. $10 fee for members and $15 for nonmembers was decided upon.
    • All sales will be charged a 20% fee for charity of which half goes to the Historical Society (They own the building.) and half to whichever charity is selected for this year.
    • Sharron Konyn may be cashier.
    • Dan Konyn will keep track of vendors and collect vendor fees.
    • Erica is going to do the advertising, suggestions appreciated.
    • May be as many as 20 vendors
    • If you want to present your goods for sale, you must commit by end of September to Dan.
  • Special raffle suggestions were requested, here are some ideas but no decision was made.
    • Magnetic lathe lamp
    • Negative rake scrapper
    • Piercing tool
    • Bowl Gouge
    • Face shield
    • Face air filters / mask
    • Face shield with blown filtered air
    • Carving tools or power carving setup.
    • Fordham sander
    • Don Darry boring system
    • Carter spindle steady rest (this is lathe specific and needs to be custom ordered.)
    • Custom branding iron.


Show and Tell:

Mark Krecic showed a number of beautiful bowls make from Box Elder and Carpathian Walnut.

Bill Anderson showed us his spalted maple box.

Presidents Challenge was a carved box. (Presenters receive a free raffle ticket.)
Erica Perry had a number of items she carved on, bowls and a turned “box” that looked like an acorn with windows and a front door. Nicely done.

Jeff Braunscheidel presented a gourd that he was midway through the process of carving oak leaves on and a small box with a simple carved top.

These were the only entries in the challenge and the voting selected Erica’s “acorn fairy house” as the winner.

No challenge was set up for next month.






Fofie Pappas on chip carving. She displayed a number of “Chip Carved” boards finished with paste wax. She does not sand after cutting. She discussed the process of copying the image to the board and then cutting. She brought a number of items in. She has been doing this for long time and her work looked very good. Demonstrated various knives, she showed her work on boards, boxes… There is a magazine that she referred to for patterns, but the name was not recorded. Bruce should know or can find out if anyone is interested.

Her knife sharpening process is, rough stone, fine stone and a leather strop.

Connie Saleubien presented on “burning” an image in wood. She demonstrated an inexpensive (~$30) and a more expensive tool (~$!00+). Each has interchangeable heads that present different patterns. The longer you hold the tool on the wood, the darker the burn.
She mentioned that there are a number of books available to get patterns and transferring the drawing to the wood. She finds the hardest thing to burn is a straight line.

Erica Perry presented some of her work. As she showed before in the meeting she had bowls with flowers and patterns in them. She uses a Dremel tool, a power carver, an engraver tool, and two sets of chisels and various knives. She indicated the smaller tools fatigued her hands faster than larger gripped handles.

Bruce Boughner presented his carving of mother and child, a 3 headed dragon walking stick as well as a one with a polished rock embedded. All looked beautifully well done. He presented his chisels, at least 3 sets, small to large. A significant array of cutting edges. No discussion of sharpening.

Minutes were taken and drafted by Jim Westgate (co-secretary) with edits from officers.