Jan 18 2020

November Minutes 2019

Huron Valley Woodturners
November 17, 2019 meeting summary

Board Meeting started at 12:10
Board members present, Jeff Braunscheidel (President), John Fink (Vice President), Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer), Jim Westgate and Erica Perry (Co-Secretaries), Dan Konyn (Past President) and non-board member, Carroll Jackson.

-John informally opened the meeting with a request for more future planning.

-Dan requested that an updated membership list be sent to Craft Supplies www.woodturnerscatalog.com
Done 11/19/2019.

John brought up Woodturning Tool Store( https://woodturningtoolstore.com/) and mentioned that the company “sent an email to me mentioning a group buy policy. Here it is:”
“For club group purchases, please email me the product(s) you wish to buy with the quantity, your name, address and telephone number, I will create a custom order with the best pricing I can do along with the exact shipping charges and send you an order invoice much like a quote. You can then pay for the order with an included link to the payment page and your order will then ship.”

Jeff called the regular club meeting to order at 1:10 and asked for a count of members present. There were 20 present at the time. I think the total grew to 23.

Steve recapped cash and pointed out that sufficient cash is present to meet the club’s needs. Bills are up to date.

Dan pointed out that the inventory for the “club’s store” is running low and needs replenishment. He was authorized to replenish.

Jeff suggested that a new “Special Raffle” needs to be started. Discussion and membership vote later resulted in choosing a magnetic light. (Jeff will buy the light.)

Erica brought up the Holiday Sale, these are her notes. “The holiday sale/benefit will take place on December 7 and eighth. Set up is Friday starting at 10 in the morning with vendors bringing in their work in the afternoon. The Woodturners this year will be in the center of the first floor in a box shape. Tables cost $10 each per member; $15 for non-club members. Erica has invited artists for the first floor as well. The farmers market will be operating on the second floor and they have a separate arrangement with Webster historical Society. Bill and Joe have agreed to help with set up starting at 10 in the morning on Friday. All vendors are expected to help clean up Sunday after three. Club members are urged to post holiday sale flyers on Facebook or print out fliers and pass to friends and family and neighborhood.
All vendors will be responsible for their own sales and the 20% will be calculated on the honor system by each vendor that goes to our two nonprofit charities.”

Our next meeting on a special day Saturday, December 14th, will focus on planning meetings.

At this point members did a self-introduction and discussion of what they focused on.

Dan explained the club’s outreach at the Eisenhower Center and encouraged members to participate. Dan also pointed out that The Tool Shop http://cantonworkshop.com/ will convert your old tools into cash for the center. If you’d like to participate, enjoy shopping for a deal while dropping off your old tools.

There was an open discussion about pulling a group of members together to display their goods at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I believe Bill Anderson is heading this focus.

At this point the discussion moved to show and tell. Several members had brought tools or jigs they made and explained their usage.


Jack Sisak presented his “Sig-Easy Wegie Sled”. It is a sled for a table saw to make segments for a segmented bowl. It has two adjustable arms. Set the angle between the arms using a Seg-Easy wedge template for 16,20, 24 etc. segments. I used a 30, 60 and 90 degree triangle to cut a 12 segmented ring.
Jack Sisak













Steve Kolpacie presented his home made hollowing system. $30 in materials versus purchase price of $450.00

Steve Koloacie













Carroll Jackson: Plastic pattern, Click Ruler and Roto Tool.
Caroll Jackson