Dec 31 2020

October 1, 2020 Minutes

October 1, 2020

Zoom Conference:
Present: Jeff, John, Steve, Erica and Jim
Discussion points:
1 Upcoming officer candidates for the next two years. Jeff volunteered to be Secretary. Steve is staying on as Treasurer. John is reluctantly considering stepping up to President. (No discussion of him remaining VP if a president is found.) Mark might step forward and take over as President. (If so, does this mean that John remains VP?) In my opinion, Erica would be a great president, she is on the ball and opinions are valid and, she already runs a lot of the club activities.
2 Leadership election is in October, candidates need to be in place for December take over.
3 Upcoming meeting focus, share a tool, a book, YouTube channel or anything else that has helped you.
4 Discussion of cash flow. (After meeting thoughts- to some extent we are operating in the dark here. I suggest that Steve make some projections. Discussion of lowering dues may or may not be a good decision. We simply don’t know if the current dues are appropriate, too high or low. A simple ask during the meeting can give the board direction. A big indicator is drop off of membership upon renewal. Does anyone have a sense of normal attrition? I suspect this too will be impacted by Covid-19, a confounding variable. Has an exit interview ever been done when people drop out?
5 Zoom appears to be a new additional meeting platform for the club. This warrants study and will demand some changes. (Suggestion- a technology committee needs to be established to study this and propose a plan going forward. Needed, change of meeting venue or modification thereof and equipment.)
6 Erica is talking to Mark about a shop tour.
7 Erica called off the Christmas event due to Covid-19.
8 Discussed the potential of members selling their used equipment the meeting. It was proposed that a 20% of selling price be donated to the club. Dan has expressed concerns to me about this and its important for him to be onboard with this. He is an advocate of using The Tool Shop as they have supported the Eisenhower Center effort. We could try a sale at an upcoming meeting and see how it works. This needs to be win-win or no deal. Perhaps the club splits the donation?

1. Survey needs to go out to club members asking
a. Dues too high, low, right? We don’t know. Changing w/o feedback is illogical.
b. I suggest that we need a cash flow projection. With that in hand, we can plan. Reacting w/o it is a mistake.
c. Checkbook statement needs to be shared, by handing a single copy around to the board monthly.
d. It is our responsibility not to bankrupt the club.
e. Need photographic equipment for Zoom. Identify need and see if club members have some to donate.
f. See if someone wants to be the photographer.
g. Need to ask members what they want during Covid-19 lock down.
h. Need a new venue with internet connection.
i. Need to ask if people are staying on or dropping out. Critical to cash flow projection.
j. For me, a mission statement and vision would be helpful.
k. Need to ask, what do you want from the club? How much are you willing to pay for that?

What did I miss?
If we agree, I can ask the questions and prepare a summary sheet for leadership.
My new shop (May or June) will have good internet and can be used for remote Zoom meetings once done. (max, 3 people with masks). We can discuss that.

John, what if you have an assistant, like a personal or executive secretary.The history that I am aware of, Erica offers significant direction to the club, Co-President with you perhaps.
Other thoughts?
Hope this is helpful.