Jan 26 2019

January Meeting

Present for Board meeting:

  • Jeff Braunscheidel: President
  • John Fink: Vice President
  • Steve Kolpacke: Treasurer
  • Erica Perry: Co-Secretary
  • Jim Westgate: Co-Secretary
  • Dan Konyn: Past President
  • Carroll Jackson: member


Last meeting was on 11/18/18:

Treasurer, Steve Kolpacke, gave financial report. Club is in good shape. Steve has specifics if needed.

Follow up the AAW, American Association of Woodturners Scholarship. We had the opportunity to nominate one person for the scholarship. Deadline for submittal is 1/21/19. Jeff’s name was drawn and submitted as our club’s nomination.

General discussion: Lease was signed, and in exchange for the Holiday Sale occurring on the first weekend of December, we don’t have our meeting on the third. Third Saturday is available for a meeting in December in future years if we so desire. New rental contract has $5/month (10%) increase.


General Meeting (About 14 members present):

Treasurer: The club and the Eisenhower Center are doing fine after paying for bills. Steve is collecting dues for this year. Please pay your dues as soon as possible if you haven’t already.


AAW scholarship: Jeff organized and was selected as our club’s nomination for the AAW Scholarship.


Rockler: We were invited to participate at a woodturning demonstration at the Rockler Store in Novi (26160 Ingersoll Dr. Novi, MI 48375) and publicize the club at the same time. Jeff is going to do the demonstration from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 2/19/19. Detroit’s club has the second slot in the afternoon to demonstrate turning from 1:00 to 3:00. AAW sent a packet of AAW material to be displayed at the Rockler presentation.

  • Jeff wants some cards and a flyer for the club to be laid out during a presentation to encourage others to join our club. Rockler wants their carbide tools used, but other standard tools can be used as well.
  • Jeff would like someone from the club to accompany him to help talk to people about the club. Erica supplied the flyer and Dan the cards.


Eisenhower has a new lathe. On 2/3/19 The Tool Shop is going to pick up the old lathe and sell it, all proceeds go to the club’s Eisenhower Center fund. If you have old tools that you’d like to donate to the club, let Jason know at The Tool Shop (6138 N. Canton Center Road, Canton, MI (734-667-33016) and he will sell them with the understanding that all proceeds go to the club for use at the Center.
Dan mentioned that recently a participant said that turning helped in his (her?) self-confidence and Erica said one client felt it was the best program the center offered. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the meeting days from 2 to 4pm. The center helps people with traumatic brain injuries. Russ started the program 6 years ago now. We were awarded several scholarships from AAW for this volunteer program with an article about it in the AAW journal.



  • It was suggested that we need to advertise on our web site regarding the Eisenhower Volunteer Program.
  • We also need to verify the balance of the year’s club meeting dates. Our new rental agreement does not address our April 21st meeting which falls on Easter this year. It simply states we can use the community center the 3rd Sunday of each month for our meetings. Jeff is going to check into options as we probably do not want to meet on Easter Sunday. Look for more information on this in the future.
    Jeff is going to look into possible options for storing the monitor somewhere besides the basement for future DVD presentations.


Special Raffle items:

  • No reply on a warranty of face mask option yet. Dan is working on this. (UPDATE: For the respirator warranty you would have to deal with UK manufacturer directly which would be a big hassle.) We will not be obtaining one of these for the special raffle, but if several people want to buy one on their own we could look into saving on shipping or possibly a discount for purchasing multiple units at one time.
  • Ideas for future special raffle items were solicited from club members. Different gouges, carbide hollowing tools, the Don Derry Hollowing tools were discussed. www.derrytools.com 7020 Manastash Rd. Ellensburg WA 98926 The Epoxy West system is used by Erica and she likes the results, another possibility. Other ideas suggested for the Special Raffle included: Negative rake scraper, Chatter tool, Bead tool. Club officers will consider all the suggestions and make a decision in the near future.


Collaboration with other clubs: Jeff received an email from the MI-Oh Woodturners. They want to set up a remote demo with a professional, well-known wood turner and wondered if we might want to collaborate with them. No presenter has been established or scheduled yet, VP John Fink is going to follow up on the details such as what are the financial implications between the clubs?


Setting up demonstrations: We brainstormed ideas for demonstrations for upcoming meetings. Erica suggested having back up YouTube or DVD presentations using our monitor. She wondered if we should ask the Webster Historical Society if we could bring up the monitor to the second floor so that we didn’t have to keep carrying it up from the basement. Jeff thinks he can manage to do that each time we need it.
Suggested ideas for Demonstrations this year:

  • Mark’s segmented work.
  • Dimitri’s segmented work.
  • Sharpening tools systems
  • Erica on Urn turning
  • Finishes
  • Jeff on Hollowing
  • Mark on creating different tools
  • Wood harvesting and blank preparation, maybe at Jim’s new shop
  • Threading
  • Inside out demonstrations requested by Carroll
  • There was also a discussion about visiting each other’s shops and share what we have learned.
  • Jeff will do a demonstration on basic boxes for the February Meeting.


Other Sales: Dan was contacted by Huron council of the arts, sale of the arts in June. The cost per 10×10 space is $150 plus $21 application fee. Jeff says this is not an unreasonable charge. They would provide the club an extra half space to demonstrate if we rent a space. No decision was made on this.


Welcome: A potential member/guest stopped in for the meeting, Steve Beckman who is retiring this summer, He is interested in joining our club and/or the one in Pontiac. He will meet with Russ or possibly other club members at their workshops for some orientation and mentorship.


Holiday Sale/Benefit: Steve indicated that Holiday sales event went well raising $3,400. $600 of the revenue goes to two charities. He is considering ways to streamline the cash collection process for this year. He suggests that each vendor handle his/her own sales and just give the total of the charity donation at the end of the sale. “Little” Joe was acknowledged for taking on leadership of this event since Erica went to Rome on vacation. Dan was his right-hand man.


Safety: It is especially important to wear a breathing mask when using wood with fungus i.e. spalted or other woods that trigger allergies. Characteristics of wood with fungus are the black lines between growth rings. John reminds us that we should use masks whenever we turn, the dust being detrimental to our lungs.

Show and Tell: Jim bought a lightbox to better record the work of our club membership. This month John, Erica, Joe, and Mark brought in things they made. Joe Eisley presented a bowl and cover he turned. We cut the discussion short because the business part of our meeting took a long time.
















Notice: Steve has his work displayed in Canton at the Village Theater for the month of January. Located at 50400 Cherry Hill Rd. Canton, MI 48187. Open from 10:00 to 2:00 on weekdays. Kudos to Steve for his fine work.


Demonstration Time: John had very little time to show a DVD on the Skew. He stopped the video from time to time to highlight important aspects like how one holds the skew at an angle on the tool rest. Viewing these DVDs is helpful for the good camera work and seeing close up the actual turning.


Eisenhower Center Volunteer Program: more volunteers welcome!
3200 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
From 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays
This is our club’s outreach to physically impaired by traumatic brain injuries.


Internet Club Deals

  • Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.com for some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.
  • Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.
  • Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop


Reoccurring Events

  • September: 3rd Sunday of the month- Club Picnic
  • October: Saline Wood Carving Show at Old Liberty High School on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.
  • December: Holiday Club Sale/Benefit – located at Crossroads Community Center the first weekend in December.

Dec 08 2018

Holiday Sale Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Rob Reilly on winning two bowls in the raffle at our Holiday Raffle. Well done and thanks to Rob and the other winners for supporting our club and our two great charities.


Nov 26 2018

Get ready for the 2018 Holiday Sale!

Holiday poster 2018

Nov 18 2018

November Meeting

General Meeting

Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Attendance: 13
New Members and Visitors: none

Steve gave a financial report, all is good. Details available upon request.

The new lease agreement has been signed and covers both 2019 and 2020. Rent went up $5 per month which board decided was reasonable before authorizing the president to sign the lease.

There is an option for the club to hold a December meeting on the 3rd Saturday (instead of Sunday) as the Farmer’s Market will be using the building the 3rd Sunday in December. After discussion, the club members present decided to not hold a regular meeting in December. See you in January!

Eisenhower Center activities continue. Tuesday and Thursday 2-4pm. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend and help however they feel comfortable. The decision was made to purchase a new Jet lathe with some of the remaining EIC funds in the account. Contact Dan Konyn for details or if any questions.

Holiday Sale is December 1st & 2nd at the Crossroads Community Center 5501 Webster Church RD. Dexter, MI 48130.

Jeff reported that the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) https://www.woodturner.org funded 28 scholarships for its members. The scholarship pays for woodturning course only, no travel, lodging or meals. Offered in two locations:

      Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg TN –https://www.arrowmont.org
      The Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC- – https://www.folkschool.org

As an affiliated club, we can nominate one candidate per 50 members. That is one for us. Each club is to set up their criteria for selection. All nominated members must have a membership in AAW. Board members decided to put names of all interested in a hat and draw one out to nominate from our club. Members were informed that if they wanted to be in the drawing for the scholarship to let Jeff know before December 15, 2018. This will allow time to get the nominee submitted to AAW before the January 7, 2018 deadline. Those chosen for a scholarship by AAW will be informed by January 21, 2019. For greater detail, log into AAW’s web page and search for Scholarships.

There is an opportunity for local AAW chapters to send demonstrators and club information to an event at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware at 26160 Ingersoll Drive, Novi, MI 48375 on February 9th2019. Demonstrators would make a tool handle or complete a woodturning kit. Jeff committed our chapter as interested and when we find out if we are selected we’ll put out the word for volunteers to do the demos. There will be further discussion at January’s meeting when we should know if our club has been selected.

Show and tell:

Jeff Braunschiedel presented a couple new items

image001 image003













Steve Kolpacke presented an urn that he made














Dimtri Coucouvanis presented the following items

image007 image009 image011













Mark presented a couple of segmented bowls he is working on.















image015Internet Club Deals

  • Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.comfor some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.
  • Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.
  • Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop


Time to Learn
John Fink presented and very informative presentation and demonstration on Finials. He referenced the book “Hand or Simple Turning, Principles & Practices by John Holtzapffel and Classic Forms by Stuart E. Dyas.

John demonstrated turning a simple finial and prepared the notes at the end for your convenience. Unfortunately, you’ll have to type the links into your browser at this point, but we’ll work on sending the notes in a separate email where you can simply click on them.

John also made a special tailstock insert for holding the top of the finials. The center is hollowed out allowing a waxed string to be loosely wrapped around the top of the finial to 4 nails at 12, 3, 6 & 9 O’clock. The tension is set by the weight of a medium-sized hemostat hanging down with the pull of gravity. This allows the finial to spin w/o vibration.




Aug 19 2018

August 2018 Meeting

Minutes of August 19, 2018 Club Meeting
Meeting was held at Crossroads Community Center at 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130


Executive Meeting 12:00

  • Jeff Braunscheidel (President) present
  • Dan Konyn (Past President) present
  • Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer) present
  • Jim Westgate (Co-Secretary) present
  • Russ Clinard
  • Bruce Boughner


Items Discussed (see club meeting notes for details):
Financial Report, Picnic, Eisenhower Center, Events, Raffles, Lease, Demonstrator planning


Regular Club meeting:

Financial report:
Treasurer updated account balances, bills paid, and income received. Contact a club
officer if you want more details. Steve has obtained and started using the new club
credit card that has a 2% rebate on purchases. The second card will be held by the


Jeff volunteered to stay on as president for another 2 years.
Erica Perry and Jim Westgate remain co-secretaries as well.



No news to share other than Erica is communicating with Thelma about renewing
for the next two years. There is a meeting on 9/21/18 shere Thelma will discuss
with her board the plans for our current meeting place. Hopefully we will still have a
home. New lease agreement will be initiated after we hear what the board has to


Picnic instead of the next meeting, Sept 16: See upcoming events.


Dan secured a donation of the magnetic based and flexible stemmed light from Ken at www.woodturnerswonders.com. A thank you note was sent to Ken at Woodturners Wonders in Georgia for the donated light. Tickets sold quickly, the threshold level was met and the lucky ticket holder took it home. It was not Dan for a change. A total of 23 tickets were sold with all proceeds going to the club.

Usual raffle progressed, Bruce was happy his ticket was drawn first as he picked a brand-new small LED light that came with the larger light from Woodturners Wonders. Other members won a few pieces of wood and gift certificates from Advantage Lumber.
If you have items you can contribute to the club for future raffles, please do so.


Jeff will attempt to coordinate with other woodturning clubs in the area to possibly assist in bringing in a professional turner next year for a demonstration at one of these clubs that has the proper facilities. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along to him.


Homework Assignment
Your assignment: For the October meeting, we are doing what I have coined “Road Kill”. This is an adventure of finding and using a piece of ”waste wood”. Take a picture of it where you find it then turn your creative juices on and see if you can make something you’re proud of or not.


Eisenhower Center
3200 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
From 3:00 to 5:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Open turning on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 1:00 to 4:00PM
This is our clubs outreach to others.
Your help is needed, please stop.


Special request
Need- 2 to 3 inch square pieces of various wood types for basic turning stock. (4 lathes consume a lot of wood.)
Need- Rub on finishes, contact Bruce or Dan for more information.
A special thank you goes out to Jerry and Tim from the Michigan /Ohio Woodturners for their ongoing help.


Upcoming Club Events and Reoccurring Events
September 16th, the 3rd Sunday of September:
Club Picnic beginning at noon since no executive meeting. Picnic will be held outside with the building as a backup if it rains. Club supplies the grill and fuel, meat, buns, and condiments. Members are requested to bring a dish to pass as well as your own chairs. Sign up for your contribution was at the August meeting, if you missed it as I did, bring something good or contact Erica and let her know you are coming and what you are bringing. Dan is going to invite Jerry & Tim from MI/OH Turners to come as they volunteer at the Eisenhower Center regularly. Carter & Sons is donating items for raffle at the picnic and many other raffle items have already been procured as well.

September 22nd. Webster Fall Festival: www.websterfallfestival.org See Erica’s earlier email to all club members for details or if you want to participate as vendor or demonstrator.

October 6.
Saline Wood Carving Show at “Old Liberty High School” on Ann Arbor Saline RD in the Gym. For more information or if interested contact Bruce Boughner.
$15.00 per table if you want to sell your wares.

October 21. Regular club meeting.

November 18. Regular club meeting.

December 2-3: Club Holiday Sale. Contact Dan Konyn to reserve a spot if you are interested in selling.


Internet Club Deals
-Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.com for some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.
-Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.
-Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop


Safety Corner:
Jeff noted that it’s a bad idea to start the lathe on when your CA is not dry. It turns into a hard mess to clean up.



Jeff Braunscheidel demonstrated the basics of turning a goblet. Start with hollowing the bowl and finish inside completely. Use light cuts so you don’t cause the wood to come out of the chuck. Replace the tail stock holding inside the goblet’s bowl with something to protect the finish. Then proceed with final shaping of the outside and the stem and base. Finish sand outside of stem and base and apply finish, if desired, before parting the goblet off.

Jeff also demonstrated how he made a 3- pointed bowl starting from a cube that is as close to a perfect cube as you can get. It starts by the way you look at the cube. Start by holding one corner in headstock spindle and the opposite corner in the live center with the center point removed. Create a tenon to secure in the headstock and re-secure the opposite corner in the tailstock for initial shaping. As you carefully turn the outside, a 3-pointed figure will appear. Extra care is needed as the protruding points of the 3 sides need light cuts to preserve them. Then remove the tail stock and hollow out the 3-pointed bowl that will appear as you remove the tail-stock portion of the block.

Jul 15 2018

July 2018 Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

July 2018 Meeting Minutes


July 15, 2018

Meeting was held at 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130


Executive meeting started at noon, ended at ~12:50


Jeff Braunscheidel (President)

John Fink (Vice President)

Dan Konyn (Past President)

Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer)

Jim Westgate (Co-Secretary) Approximately 5 minutes late.


Treasurer’s report:

HVWT continues in good financial standing. Members who want further information are encouraged to attend the Executive meeting starting at noon before the regular meeting starting at 1:00 PM.

Leadership is appropriately handling the club’s capital.  As an example, there was a conversation about a raffle item (flexible stemmed magnetic based work light) that was approved for acquisition only after the funds were raised for the purchase. A special “bucket”, (aka coffee can) was established to hold the funds until purchase is funded.  This could take a while.  There was no conversation about any extra money for the club for the effort. However, there was some discussion about purchasing an air filtering face shield for a future special raffle.

Membership needs to be 20 and greater to maintain working capital.


Give a warm welcome to Dale Tuckey, our newest member.  He has a friendly smile and I can tell, a good sense of humor. I will update the membership list and send one to him. Any other requests?


General Conversation:

– Review last month’s notes on reserving a sale table for the Holiday Sale, Webster Fall Festival on 9/22 and Saline woodcarving Show on 10/6.

-Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, www.woodturnerswonder.comfor some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.

-Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, www.hartvilletool.com. Be sure to mention your club’s name.

-Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop.https://www.woodworkingshop.com

-The book “The Complete Guide to Sharpening” by Leonard Lee was mentioned as a great resource for sharpening advice.

-Summer potluck picnic will be on September 16ththis year at our usual meeting space, rain or shine. Bring your spouse. At the August meeting, details will be discussed.

-Next month nominations and elections are scheduled for President and Secretary. Those interested are encouraged to step forward.

– Volunteers are needed for demonstrations of skills you have learned.

– In her absence, Erica was nominated to speak with Thelma about renewing the meeting place contract.


Eisenhower Center:  The donated shelving enhanced storage and organization. No report on activity.


I did not do a good job of capturing the notes on the Webster Fall Festival and the Wood Carver’s event.  I think this is old news to you, too fast for me to get it down.  Please add details.


Raffle was a success. Lots of treasures for members to win.



Safety Conversation:

  • Always stay in control.
    • Anchor securely
    • Wear a face shield and protective snug fitting clothes
    • Use hardened metal screws. Never use sheetrock screws. Turn screws at least 7 full turns into the wood.
    • Start slowly and build up speed.
    • Have sharp tools


Bill Andersongave a presentation on turning rolling pins,

He turns two styles — an “American” style with a cylindrical body and handles on both ends, and French style that tapers off and is rounded. He has been turning these from green cherry and finishing them with mineral oil.

Bill uses “Anchorseal 2 Green Wood Sealer” on his freshly cut turning billets. This can be bought locally at Woodcraft. He is looking for others to go in with him to buy larger quantities in order to get a better price.

Bill told us about his galloping lathe. He was setting up to turn a bowl. It was heavy for him and was loaded out of balance.  Started turning too fast and jumping across the room. Knocked him down, fortunately, he escaped with only minor abrasions and an injured ego.




Jun 17 2018

June Meeting

President’s report

  • Jeff gave a detailed treasurer’s report.
  • Dan will coordinate the table reservations for the Holiday Sale. Members may reserve a Holiday Sale table at which to sell their creations for $10 but should do so soon; if space permits, nonmembers will be able to sell craft items for $15 per table.
  • HVW will be demonstrating woodturning at the Webster Fall Festival on September 22; an email was sent out to all members, asking for volunteer demonstrators. There will also be an opportunity to sell your woodturnings for a small number of members in the club spot.
  • The Saline Woodcarving Show will be on October 6 at the Saline Liberty school off Ann Arbor Saline Rd . Turners may sell their work at a sales table for a $15 fee. Contact Tom Jacobson at 734-476-3411 if interested.
  • On Saturday, June 16, Jeff B., Dan K., and Bill A. demonstrated woodturning at the Art on the River event in Commerce. HVW will sign up as an “artist group” for future Art on the River events.
  • The HVW officers decided that our next “special raffle” will be for an LED lamp with a magnetic base that can be used on a lathe; details of the particular lamp will be announced later; tickets will be $5 each. Officers will be looking into a powered filtering headshield as the next special raffle iteml
  • The officers also discussed exploring possibilities for demonstrating at one of the Ann Arbor summer art fairs in 2019 (and possibly at other local art fairs).
  • The President’s Challenge project is to create a turning with some sort of inlay; this inlay could be wood, metal, epoxy, turquoise, etc. Bring your project to the July meeting to show your work (and get a free “regular raffle” ticket).


Safety Discussion

Joe described an accident that happened while grinding a skew chisel. Somehow, the skew was thrown from his hands and left him with a badly cut knee that required stitches. There was speculation that the cause of the accident might have been that the tool wasn’t adequately supported on the grinder toolrest, but no definitive cause was determined. (I think he said that a piece of the skew edge was broken off, so maybe that failure caused the accident somehow.)


Show and Tell

  • Dan B. showed a nicely crafted and rather novel “yarn bowl” that had a spiral cutout from the rim into the bowl’s wall; while a ball of yarn sits in the cherry bowl, yarn is fed through the cutout to the knitter, so the cutout must have no sharp edges.
    Jeff B. showed a sycamore bowl with a very nice “added base” that raised the bowl in order to better show off the bowl profile. The bowl showed the nice “ray fleck” figure to be found in sycamore; it was finished with oil and polyurethane.
  • John F. showed a small hollow vessel with a wide top rim and short narrow neck; this was made from a piece of Crimson King Norway maple that had interesting color variations; he has a childhood memory of planting the tree with his father. John also showed a small scoop made from a small branch from his apple tree.
  • Steve SC showed a box made from rare Missouri-grown slippery elm; as a lid inlay, the box lid had a circular medallion from a pin owned by his nurse wife.
  • Joe E. showed two nicely-made large winged boxes turned from padauk and figured maple. The winged bases have a square profile when viewed from above; the wings curve out and down from the circular rim of the box bases.




A variety of turning blanks were distributed in the raffle: these included chunks of locust, walnut, narra, figured maple, and osage orange.


Demonstration and Presentation

Karl Anderson presented “Why tools get dull — tool life.” He discussed the four main factors that affect woodturning tool life: hardness of the tool, cutting-edge angle, cutting speed, and the composition and hardness of the wood being cut. The bulk of the presentation was about steel that can be hardened, and it was emphasized that with proper quality control in manufacturing, woodturning tools can be made to a (Rockwell C) hardness of HRC 68; furthermore, those tools need not be brittle. He would not buy a tool that has a hardness less than about 64, but most woodturning tool manufacturers do not provide the hardness rating so it is “hard” to determine this. Karl demonstrated the hardening of 0.8% carbon steel drill rod using a MAPP gas torch; such steel can be hardened by heating to 1450 °F and quenching it in water or oil; it can then be tempered in an oven at 400 °F for 15-30 minutes. If one follows proper safety measures, and establishes the tool shape and profile prior to hardening and tempering, this process can be used at home to make small woodturning tools (e.g., scrapers and skews). Thanks to Karl for an engaging and very informative presentation!




May 28 2018

May Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held at 5501 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130

Executive Meeting stated at 12:10 on May 20, ended at 12:50.

  • Jeff Braunscheidel (President)
  • (Dan Konyn past President.)
  • Steve Kolpacke (Treasurer)
  • Erica Perry & Jim Westgate (Co-Secretaries) These are Jim’s notes. Erica will not attend the next two meetings due to babysitting needs in Baltimore.


Treasure’s report

  • HVWT is in good financial shape. (Current balance is available to paid members upon request)
  • Steve requested permission to get a club credit card from our bank for paying bills, etc. This was approved. (TCS Bank Visa card).
  • Sue Fritz donated $250.00 to our Eisenhower Center work in memory of her deceased husband. This is in addition to her donation last year of $500.
  • Web site fee was authorized for upcoming payment, $35 & $95, two different payments.
  • Fees for use of the building may go up. Will have to see what board decides later this year.


General conversation:

  • Art On The River was mentioned. This event takes place at Dodge Park in Commerce Township. Historically the $75.00 fee is waived if a lathe demonstration is done.
  • Significant conversation about the “Holiday Sale”
    • “Young Joe” will be Chairman.
    • Looking for ways to advertise, Flyers, “A” frame sign, Newspaper, Facebook, (get help if needed.)
    • Meeting room and upstairs needs to be decorated so any help would be appreciated on the morning of November 30th.. Let Joe know if you plan on helping so he knows how much help he’ll have.
    • Sale takes place on December 1st and 2nd with cleanup afterwards.
    • The set up will be similar to past years. One table per vendor.
    • Table fee discussion. $10 fee for members and $15 for nonmembers was decided upon.
    • All sales will be charged a 20% fee for charity of which half goes to the Historical Society (They own the building.) and half to whichever charity is selected for this year.
    • Sharron Konyn may be cashier.
    • Dan Konyn will keep track of vendors and collect vendor fees.
    • Erica is going to do the advertising, suggestions appreciated.
    • May be as many as 20 vendors
    • If you want to present your goods for sale, you must commit by end of September to Dan.
  • Special raffle suggestions were requested, here are some ideas but no decision was made.
    • Magnetic lathe lamp
    • Negative rake scrapper
    • Piercing tool
    • Bowl Gouge
    • Face shield
    • Face air filters / mask
    • Face shield with blown filtered air
    • Carving tools or power carving setup.
    • Fordham sander
    • Don Darry boring system
    • Carter spindle steady rest (this is lathe specific and needs to be custom ordered.)
    • Custom branding iron.


Show and Tell:

Mark Krecic showed a number of beautiful bowls make from Box Elder and Carpathian Walnut.

Bill Anderson showed us his spalted maple box.

Presidents Challenge was a carved box. (Presenters receive a free raffle ticket.)
Erica Perry had a number of items she carved on, bowls and a turned “box” that looked like an acorn with windows and a front door. Nicely done.

Jeff Braunscheidel presented a gourd that he was midway through the process of carving oak leaves on and a small box with a simple carved top.

These were the only entries in the challenge and the voting selected Erica’s “acorn fairy house” as the winner.

No challenge was set up for next month.






Fofie Pappas on chip carving. She displayed a number of “Chip Carved” boards finished with paste wax. She does not sand after cutting. She discussed the process of copying the image to the board and then cutting. She brought a number of items in. She has been doing this for long time and her work looked very good. Demonstrated various knives, she showed her work on boards, boxes… There is a magazine that she referred to for patterns, but the name was not recorded. Bruce should know or can find out if anyone is interested.

Her knife sharpening process is, rough stone, fine stone and a leather strop.

Connie Saleubien presented on “burning” an image in wood. She demonstrated an inexpensive (~$30) and a more expensive tool (~$!00+). Each has interchangeable heads that present different patterns. The longer you hold the tool on the wood, the darker the burn.
She mentioned that there are a number of books available to get patterns and transferring the drawing to the wood. She finds the hardest thing to burn is a straight line.

Erica Perry presented some of her work. As she showed before in the meeting she had bowls with flowers and patterns in them. She uses a Dremel tool, a power carver, an engraver tool, and two sets of chisels and various knives. She indicated the smaller tools fatigued her hands faster than larger gripped handles.

Bruce Boughner presented his carving of mother and child, a 3 headed dragon walking stick as well as a one with a polished rock embedded. All looked beautifully well done. He presented his chisels, at least 3 sets, small to large. A significant array of cutting edges. No discussion of sharpening.

Minutes were taken and drafted by Jim Westgate (co-secretary) with edits from officers.

Apr 20 2018

Pictures from April Meeting

Some lovely items were brought to the April meeting by some of our members



Mar 15 2018

February 2018 Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

February 18, 2018
(very brief due to the president taking notes while running meeting)

  • Treasurer Reports about $5,415 club funds ($5,478 total with grant funds added). Dues are now due and are $60 annually
  • Use of the building and time has been agreed to with the Historical Society. We will continue to have the use of the entire building on the 3rd Sunday from 12-3. They will not use the building for the farmer’s market on the 3rd Sunday, although they might start using the grounds during the warmer weather periods. This might change for 2019. Members are encouraged to keep an eye out for other possibilities for a permanent meeting location.
  • Discussion of upcoming demonstrations resulted in Mark K. agreeing to do scrapers (including negative rake scrapers) for the March meeting. Carbide turning tools will be the likely topic for the April Meeting.
  • The president’s challenge was to do something and use a negative rake scraper on it and be prepared to discuss your experience.
  • Safety Experience – Use the Powermatic grate for starting off balance pieces and when turning green wood without the tailstock. Jeff B. described very large, wet piece coming out of chuck when tailstock was not used. Was very grateful for the grate catching that piece.
  • Eisenhower Center update from Dan K.
    • They could use some helpers since some of the usual ones are gone or out of commission right now. You don’t need to teach turning, just be a second pair of hands to help.
    • Also need wood donated as most of what they had has been used up. Get in touch with Dan if you have some to donate or bring it to the meeting.
    • The program has been funded by the Center, donations, and tool shop sales. Consider donation of tools of all types for resale at the ToolShop to benefit the EC.
  • Show & Tell
    • Mark showed some negative rake scrapers he made and sample work with them.
    • Jeff B. had a curly maple vase dyed with black aniline dye
  • A raffle was held for several nice pieces of wood and a special raffle for an assortment of abranet or foam cushion sanding disks.
  • Demonstration of Design Basics by John Fink with a very nice powerpoint presentation
    1. Consider what focus of piece will be (shape, color, grain pattern, texture, etc.)
    2. What will be its function (will it work, be decorative or “artistic”)
    3. Basic Elements
      1. Form
      2. Wood properties or features
      3. Texture
      4. Color
      5. Contrasts
    4. Multiple Elements combined in the same piece can be better than a single one

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