Sep 15 2019

September Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

September 15, 2019 Meeting Notes



Board Meeting 9/15/19

Carroll, Jeff, Steve, Erica & Jim present

Thelma confirmed the space for the Webster Fall Festival, same as last year.

10 members and one guest (Sophia’s mom) were present at the regular meeting.



Financial: Steve reported the club is in sound financial shape. Eisenhower Center has a positive cash balance. Rent was paid and the credit card bill was authorized for payment.

Eisenhower Center Erica reported that the service is down to one day per week. Also reported that the new insurance legislation may curtail funding for some clients for long term care. (reminder, the center has 4 club owned lathes.)

Web Site Jeff reported that he submitted old minutes to Pat and will get it up to date, move where minutes are stored, and work with Sophia to take it over.


 Upcoming fairs:


The Saline Woodcarving show is on October 5th from 10 am to 4 pm at Liberty School 7265 N Ann Arbor St. Saline, MI 734-757-4342



-Wood carving in (Saline wood carving club) presentation in October (6th?)


-Franklin Art in the Village Oakland County was discussed. http://www.mifun4u.com/events/art-in-the-village-1/ the event was on 9/2/19.


Webster Fall Festival Sept 28th  http://websterfallfestival.org/


Frankenmuth 31st Woodcarving Show. https://www.frankenmuth.org/calendar/annual-woodcarving-show/  October 20 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Our club’s winter event sale, December 7&8, will go on as in the past. Cost is $10/table for members or $15 for non-members, and 20% of gross. We have promised Steve that an alternate method of doing sales will be created or that someone else will handle the financial aspects.


Erica spoke about the Staebler Farm https://www.washtenaw.org/701/Staebler-Farm-County-Park at 7734 Plymouth Rd. Ann Arbor, MI.  Don Staebler donated 100 acres to the county with the stipulation that it needed to remain rural.

Michigan Folk School is engaged there and using the facility as a training center for heritage handiwork.  Erica met with Jason Gold from the Folk School and discussed the idea of both making this facility our new home and providing it with instructors from our club. It sounds very promising.

($50/hour opportunity for qualified teachers who interact well with students and have some competence in their craft.)

Significant opportunity to learn, teach and grow.

Washtenaw county is supporting this endeavor.

We discussed insurance issues for our participation in the Folk School.  Just as we are covered by the AAW insurance we purchase each year for the Eisenhower Center, we would be covered at the Folk School providing our club says that it sponsors this activity.

Many ideas were discussed. As a long-term home for our club this would be a great opportunity to expose our club to the public.

Initial classes might involve turning a 2X2 in round, then bead and cove the second hour, then making a bottle stopper.  More intermediate classwork might involve pen making.

We discussed asking if we could meet there in November.  Erica sent off an email with the request.  No response as yet.  She will try again.  Because there is a shortage of chairs, club members would need to bring a folding chair with them.  And if a lathe is necessary at that November meeting we would need to bring it.

BTW, there is a house there that is intended to be used for lodging of guest presenters should we eventually get another national known presenter to come to do a workshop.


Elections were discussed for Vice President and Treasurer.  Thanks to both John and Steve who agreed to serve another term in these positions.  The website will need to be reviewed to make sure all officers are properly listed.


Erica brought up the subject of cookies and snacks at the club meetings.  Though our membership is dwindling, paying for cookies might be helpful in membership retention rather than thinking that our budget is too limited.  We have money in our account.


This triggered a discussion about what we want to do with that money.  Erica suggested that we consider potentially investing in the Folk School in a way that would create a designated space for us permanently.  Several of the membership have willed their workshop tools and lathe to the club and one of the barns at the Folk School might provide sufficient space for our storing our accumulating equipment.



Several very nice pieces of wood were donated and won by various members.

The special raffle was drawn and won by Bill Anderson.  We’ll be looking for some interesting results from the chatter tool and spiraling tools he won.


Show and Tell:

Carl Anderson

Sphere stars as 8” cube, then he band saws off as many corners as possible.


Mark Krecic gave a significant presentation on Segmented turning.


Note that this meeting is normally the picnic, but this year we had members bring assorted snacks for sharing.  Among the items brought were some tasty apple strudel bars by Erica and an unbelievable layer cake with a cheese cake as the bottom of the 3 layers by Jim.  Yum!!!!


Next meeting 10/20/19, Bill Anderson will present “Inside out” turning.



Memo for follow up.


I need to create a form that will identify the object, technique, finish, etc.

Little Joe has not been to the meetings of late and is missed.

Bruce is not doing well, bring a card to next meeting for each to sign.



Concludes 9/15/19 meeting notes