Nov 24 2019

2019 Holiday Sale

Sale flyer 2019

Sep 15 2019

September Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

September 15, 2019 Meeting Notes


Board Meeting 9/15/19

Carroll, Jeff, Steve, Erica & Jim present

Thelma confirmed the space for the Webster Fall Festival, same as last year.

10 members and one guest (Sophia’s mom) were present at the regular meeting.



Financial: Steve reported the club is in sound financial shape. Eisenhower Center has a positive cash balance. Rent was paid and the credit card bill was authorized for payment.

Eisenhower Center Erica reported that the service is down to one day per week. Also reported that the new insurance legislation may curtail funding for some clients for long term care. (reminder, the center has 4 club owned lathes.)

Web Site Jeff reported that he submitted old minutes to Pat and will get it up to date, move where minutes are stored, and work with Sophia to take it over.


 Upcoming fairs:


The Saline Woodcarving show is on October 5th from 10 am to 4 pm at Liberty School 7265 N Ann Arbor St. Saline, MI 734-757-4342


-Wood carving in (Saline wood carving club) presentation in October (6th?)


-Franklin Art in the Village Oakland County was discussed. the event was on 9/2/19.


Webster Fall Festival Sept 28th


Frankenmuth 31st Woodcarving Show.  October 20 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Our club’s winter event sale, December 7&8, will go on as in the past. Cost is $10/table for members or $15 for non-members, and 20% of gross. We have promised Steve that an alternate method of doing sales will be created or that someone else will handle the financial aspects.


Erica spoke about the Staebler Farm at 7734 Plymouth Rd. Ann Arbor, MI.  Don Staebler donated 100 acres to the county with the stipulation that it needed to remain rural.

Michigan Folk School is engaged there and using the facility as a training center for heritage handiwork.  Erica met with Jason Gold from the Folk School and discussed the idea of both making this facility our new home and providing it with instructors from our club. It sounds very promising.

($50/hour opportunity for qualified teachers who interact well with students and have some competence in their craft.)

Significant opportunity to learn, teach and grow.

Washtenaw county is supporting this endeavor.

We discussed insurance issues for our participation in the Folk School.  Just as we are covered by the AAW insurance we purchase each year for the Eisenhower Center, we would be covered at the Folk School providing our club says that it sponsors this activity.

Many ideas were discussed. As a long-term home for our club this would be a great opportunity to expose our club to the public.

Initial classes might involve turning a 2X2 in round, then bead and cove the second hour, then making a bottle stopper.  More intermediate classwork might involve pen making.

We discussed asking if we could meet there in November.  Erica sent off an email with the request.  No response as yet.  She will try again.  Because there is a shortage of chairs, club members would need to bring a folding chair with them.  And if a lathe is necessary at that November meeting we would need to bring it.

BTW, there is a house there that is intended to be used for lodging of guest presenters should we eventually get another national known presenter to come to do a workshop.


Elections were discussed for Vice President and Treasurer.  Thanks to both John and Steve who agreed to serve another term in these positions.  The website will need to be reviewed to make sure all officers are properly listed.


Erica brought up the subject of cookies and snacks at the club meetings.  Though our membership is dwindling, paying for cookies might be helpful in membership retention rather than thinking that our budget is too limited.  We have money in our account.


This triggered a discussion about what we want to do with that money.  Erica suggested that we consider potentially investing in the Folk School in a way that would create a designated space for us permanently.  Several of the membership have willed their workshop tools and lathe to the club and one of the barns at the Folk School might provide sufficient space for our storing our accumulating equipment.



Several very nice pieces of wood were donated and won by various members.

The special raffle was drawn and won by Bill Anderson.  We’ll be looking for some interesting results from the chatter tool and spiraling tools he won.


Show and Tell:

Carl Anderson

Sphere stars as 8” cube, then he band saws off as many corners as possible.


Mark Krecic gave a significant presentation on Segmented turning.


Note that this meeting is normally the picnic, but this year we had members bring assorted snacks for sharing.  Among the items brought were some tasty apple strudel bars by Erica and an unbelievable layer cake with a cheese cake as the bottom of the 3 layers by Jim.  Yum!!!!


Next meeting 10/20/19, Bill Anderson will present “Inside out” turning.



Memo for follow up.


I need to create a form that will identify the object, technique, finish, etc.

Little Joe has not been to the meetings of late and is missed.

Bruce is not doing well, bring a card to next meeting for each to sign.



Concludes 9/15/19 meeting notes


Aug 11 2019

August Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

Minutes for August 18, 2019 meeting


Executive Forum

Treasurer’s report: rent and website paid this month

Elections for Vice President and Treasurer next month.

Website manager change from Patrick to Sofia

Publicity for the club: it was suggested that we publicize our club in the Observer every month

We discussed paying $50 for demonstrators from other clubs and Erica suggested someone who volunteers at the Eisenhower Center with her and Dan.

We reviewed plans for September’s meeting: no potluck but people can bring snacks.  Mark will demo segmented turning.

Bill Anderson agreed to be the demonstrator for October.

Someone suggested doing homemade tools for November.

Jeff will talk with Thelma about whether we could have our club meeting on the Saturday following our holiday sale in December.

Steve said it would be great incentive for him to remain our treasurer if everyone could take care of their own sales at the Holliday Sale and we would trust each seller to give 20% to our chosen charities.

The Webster Fall Festival is September 28th and 5 of us will be selling that day.  We will divide the entry fee among us.  We will also do a demo as a way to reach out to the community to increase membership.


General Meeting: 14 in attendance

Sofia’s dad was introduced.

No member made a nomination for VP or Treasurer.  Elections will be next month.

All of the items mentioned above in the executive forum were presented to the membership.

The Chelsea Festival was discussed.

Kudos to our treasurer, Steve Kolpacke, who was featured on TV and YouTube.

The safety topic brought up was about air filtration collectors and the need to clean filters.

Bill brought up the idea of having a club booth at the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  He will pursue collecting information on this.

We discussed checking out the Michigan Folk School modeled after the John Campbell Folk School.  It is located at the Staebler Farm near Frains Lake.  Erica will visit possibly with Jeff or Steve.

Jeff has an 18-inch Grizzly band saw for sale for $200.


Show and Tell:  see pictures (was too caught up in taking pictures to write down names!  I know Carrol and John and Mark and Jeff brought in things but probably have forgotten who else.)



VP John Fink did another great presentation, this time on Finishes.  He provided us with a handout and brought in all the finishes he has used, their pros and cons.  He discussed oils (non drying and drying), Varnishes, Wiping varnish, Shellac, Cornuba wax, lacquer, and polyurethane.

He referred to Understanding wood finishing by Bob Flexner as a great resource guide.







Jul 21 2019

July Meeting

Executive meeting

Dan, Erica, John, Steve and Carroll were present


Regular Member Meeting

Financial report for Club and Eisenhower center was given by treasurer.


Eisenhower Center:

  • Dan turned in a receipt for lathe repairs, authorized to pay.
  • Client load has reduced. Two clients can be handled per hour. The service is offered one day per week this summer instead of two historically the balance of the year.
  • A lathe from the center was sold to Sofia for $200. Jerry (from the Ohio club) updated the wiring and put the turn off switch in a safer position. Unfortunately, after the work was done, it was found to be out of alignment and the club members agreed to refund the money. (Can she keep the lathe?)
  • Please remember if you’d like to support the club activities at The Eisenhower Center, donate your old tools to The Tool Shop, 5716 Executive Dr. Westland, MI 48185. All proceeds from the sale are given to the center.


Show & Tell:

  • Dan displayed his vase.
  • Jim, a pepper grinder.


Maker Works

Last month the meeting was held at Maker Works (, 3765 Plaza Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48108.  This was to see how the facility might work as a meeting place. Members discussed the pros and cons.



  • Better temperature control, Heat and AC
  • Space is adequate about 3/4 s of the current space.
  • Dan is going contact them and propose that the club leases a lathe to them $75.00 per month. The club can use the facility (and the lathe) during meetings.
  • Net zero money out for the club. A $600.00 annual savings.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Paved parking.


  • Questionable financial strength.
  • Many members will have a longer drive.
  • No storage space for supplies and club equipment



  • Liability release needs to be signed.


After discussion, it was decided there was no strong support to move the meeting location at this time.  This option will be kept in mind if a future need arises for another meeting location.


Our web site manager, Pat, has requested that we find someone else to maintain the web site since his son is no longer active in the club.  Little Joe has not been to the meetings of late and is missed.  Pat did say he would continue to help until we can arrange this. Sofia volunteered to learn how to post onto the web and will update club meeting notes for an uncommitted time period.



Webster’s Fall Festival is on September 28th.   The cost ($50) will be divided between exhibitors. Contact Dan if you are interested in selling or helping with the turning demonstration.


Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival will be this coming weekend. On Friday and Saturday, July 26th & 27th. Jeff, Dan and Mark are going to participate, selling their turned treasures.


Meeting was reconvened outside.  Mark demonstrated his preparation of a log for turning with a chainsaw and a power planer to establish a flat side.  He showed a series of clear plastic circles that he uses to establish a center and then showed his jig that he uses on his band saw to reduce lathe time.  It has an adjustable slide with a pin that is inserted into the hole made with the centering circles therein allowing him to accurately cut close to the ending bowl size desired. Accurate preparation leads to better results with less work and minimal clean up.


Next month’s meeting will be Sunday 8/18/19, at our usual meeting place, 5535 Webster Church Rd. Dexter, MI 48130 Executive meeting will start at noon, regular meeting at 1:00 pm. Finishing will be discussed. Please bring in the product and the process you use along with an example.


September’s meeting will be changed from a picnic to “bring snacks to share”.  If you attend the meeting and you want to eat, bring a sharable snack.


Elections for Treasurer and Vice President will be held in September.  There was some discussion and members were encouraged to consider these positions. If you’d like to put your name in for either position let one of the current officers know.


The facility was cleaned up, see you next month.


Jun 16 2019

June Meeting

Huron Valley Woodturners

June 16, 2019 Meeting Summary


Meeting was held at the meeting room at Makers Works in Ann Arbor to see how this worked.  Seemed to work just fine with some noise issues.  This will be discussed at the July meeting.


There are no meeting minutes for the May meeting.


Financial report was given by treasurer.


Club members participating in 2 upcoming shows with turning demonstrations and selling woodturned items.  The Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival on July 26-27, and the Webster

Twp. Fall Festival on Sept 28.  Dan is coordinating the Webster Festival show so contact him if you want to help demonstrate or sell.


Jeff informed members about the Ohio Woodturning Symposium occurring Oct 18-20 just outside Cincinnati.  The organizers have given us one free registration fee.  With members concurrence, Jeff will register with this free registration and then share it equally with anyone else from the club that goes to the symposium.  Ride sharing a possibility.  Contact Jeff if interested.


There will be a woodworking tool rummage sale in Whitmore Lake on Sat and Sun, June 22-23.  Dan, Russ and Erica are coordinating this to benefit the widow of the deceased woodworker.


Dan gave a brief update on the Eisenhower Center project.  One of the lathes there will be for sale soon.  Some of the residents turning work will be up for sale this coming Wednesday, June 19 at the Center.


Show and Tell:  Members that showed pieces they brought included Mark, Jeff, John, and Sophia.


Regular raffle held.


Demonstration was on turning a natural edge bowl by Jeff using the small Jet lathe the club uses for show demos.  Dan brought the lathe and accessories to the Makers Works site for this meeting.


Next Demonstration at July meeting will be blank preparation with actual chainsaw cutting outside the building.  John Fink will coordinate who brings and does what for the demo.


This meeting summary is very brief and many details were left out due to secretaries being absent and Jeff taking notes while running the meeting and doing the demo.  Apologies if anything important was left out.




Apr 20 2019

April Meeting

Executive Meeting

WIT email: lengthy discussion about why our club has only one woman. Maybe a few factors include our location and the fact that women often are intimidated in a mostly man club. As club WIT liaison, Erica will ask members to invite women friends, family members etc.

Steve suggested posting a flyer at The Tool Shop, Woodcraft, Rockler to expose the public to the possibility of joining our club. Steve will put some words together and Erica will make it pretty.

Treasurer tells us that two people have not yet cashed checks. Erica will contact them and give Steve feedback so he can balance the books.

18 people have paid dues…books closed on sending list to vendors.

Vendor list: Steve gave Erica a list of paid dues members and executive board decided to include address, email address, and names. Erica will send it. The discount for dues paying club members is the following: Hartville (15%) and Klingspor (10%).

Maker’s Works: We are planning to meet there the 3rd Sunday in June for our monthly meeting. We have to be out of there by 1:30 – 3:30.We will do natural edge bowl turning as a demo that month.

John is working on getting the demonstration schedule together. Next month he will demo weed pots.


General Meeting

Treasurer report was given. He also reported 18 dues paid members.

List of paid members will be sent out this week by Erica to Hartville and Klingspor.

WIT (Women In Turning) discussion regarding inviting our women friends and family members who have ever been interested in woodturning to accompany members to our club meeting.

Jeff talked about the Ohio Symposium Turning 2019 that will be held October 18-20, a 3 day immersion in turning.

June meeting at Maker’s Works. South of 94, State Street exit.
Group project: John Fink is doing a weed pot demo next month. Members are encouraged to take a piece of American elm that Erica brought in to work on for the next two months to create some version of a weedpot/vessel.

Announcement of the rummage sale, April 28th 10-3 in Whitmore lake at 266 Dartmoor Rd. Lots of wonderful treasures with Dan and Russ there to help the widow sell her husband’s things.

Eisenhower Center will be getting a new lathe 1 May. Volunteers still very welcome.


Safety discussion:
CA glue can pull a cut together quickly.
When turning a project with wings like a live edge bowl, putting a paper tape on tool rest to indicate a “don’t stick your hand here” area. Putting white chalk board chalk on the wings to help visualize where not to put our hands.

President’s Challenge and Show and Tell:
Dan’s English walnut and black walnut: Danish oil and poly finish
Jeff’s bowl: white oak and Danish oil
Jeff’s spalted box
Ericas ash box
Tom showed his threaded cherry box
Mark’s tulip boxes ‘rock and roll’
Mark’s gorgeous segmented spiral bowl.
Bill’s acacia bowl and Live Oak bowl.
Raffle tickets were given out to everyone who brought in something for the President’s Challenge. Erica won.

Special Raffle for Russ’s handmade hollowing tool was won by Jeff.

Next special raffle is the chatter and spiraling tool combination.

Demonstration time: John Fink coordinated a discussion on sharpening.
John Jordan DVD on sharpening was viewed as a starting point.
Various members brought in their sharpening systems and talked about them. Jeff had
a grinder with the wolverine system and explained its use briefly. Others commented and mentioned other sharpening systems.
The discussion included setting the right angle for specific tools. There are certain angles for gouges, skews, and so on.

There were a few replies to questions handed out at the March meeting:
What’s working
I really like the meetings and the hints given by the more experienced turners. Great fellowship.

What’s not working
We need to get more patients at The Eisenhower center taking part in turning. It is quite
an effort to get there with proper equipment and then only have 2 or 3 patients show up in
two hours. On the other hand, it is difficult to handle more than 3 at a time. All in all, it is
working pretty well.

What’s missing
I think we should have club booths at big shows such as the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Such a
show is too expensive for one person to enter (was $1200 a few years ago).

Feb 17 2019

February Meeting

Board Meeting

  • Jeff Braunscheidel: President
  • Jim Westgate: Co-Secretary
  • Dan Konyn: Past President

Jeff called the meeting to order at noon.

Steve sent financial information to Jeff, the club is financially sound.

  • Jeff discussed the budget for this year. The club needs a minimum of 15 members to break even based on projected expenses for the year. There are 12 paid with a few more still expected to pay so we should be in good shape for this year.
  • To avoid raising the dues, the board decided that the club will not pay for snacks at the meetings. Each member will be assigned a month when he/she will be responsible for the treats.
    It was also decided the club would not pay board members membership fees for the AAW. They will need to pay their own.

Those present at board meeting reviewed the suggested items for a special raffle item from the previous meeting. The decision was made to present 2 options to members, a combo of a texturing tool and a chatter tool, or a hunter-type curved end hollowing tool.

General Meeting (started at 1:15)

10 people attended the meeting. A potential new member, Jack, attended the meeting. He was at the Rockler store demo that Jeff did last weekend and came to see what our club was all about. Mike Wolf, who founded the Michigan Woodturners, was also present.

Jeff reported that the demonstration at the Rockler store went well. Steve was also there and assisted Jeff with talking to those present.

A review of the 2019 budget was presented to the members and the decisions made to keep expenses down were explained. A request was also made to PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Members can mail their dues payment to the treasurer (Steve) if they want to take care of this before the March meeting. See your membership list or contact one of the other officers for his address.

Membership was presented the two options for a special raffle item and voted to go with the chatter tool and texturing tool combo. These will be purchased and tickets will be sold for $5 each starting at the March meeting.

Mark Krecic shared a new air cleaning device made by Stratus
He said it comes in two sizes. The advantages of this machine, it sits on the ground allowing it to theoretically filter out a more dust in the air. The device will be made in 2 sizes.

Jim volunteered to send out a survey to the club members seeking advice on what the members think is going good, what needs changed, and what else they would like to see done at the club.

Dan worked with Jim to update the membership list. This will be sent out to paid members as soon as it is ready.

Dan gave a brief summary of the Eisenhower Center program and how it is going. Volunteers to help are always welcome.

No decision was made on what the demonstration will be for next meeting. The vice president was working on a schedule of demonstrations for the year, but he was not present to give an update.

For Show and Tell Dimitri brought in four ink pens and three boxes that he made. Very nice work.
Jeff brought in a nicely done turned box.

The regular raffle was held with 2 pieces of wood and 2 gift certificates given away.

The discussion concluded and several of the members went upstairs to watch Jeff demonstrate the basics of making a small lidded box.

DSC_3326 2

DSC_3335 2



Jan 26 2019

January Meeting

Present for Board meeting:

  • Jeff Braunscheidel: President
  • John Fink: Vice President
  • Steve Kolpacke: Treasurer
  • Erica Perry: Co-Secretary
  • Jim Westgate: Co-Secretary
  • Dan Konyn: Past President
  • Carroll Jackson: member


Last meeting was on 11/18/18:

Treasurer, Steve Kolpacke, gave financial report. Club is in good shape. Steve has specifics if needed.

Follow up the AAW, American Association of Woodturners Scholarship. We had the opportunity to nominate one person for the scholarship. Deadline for submittal is 1/21/19. Jeff’s name was drawn and submitted as our club’s nomination.

General discussion: Lease was signed, and in exchange for the Holiday Sale occurring on the first weekend of December, we don’t have our meeting on the third. Third Saturday is available for a meeting in December in future years if we so desire. New rental contract has $5/month (10%) increase.


General Meeting (About 14 members present):

Treasurer: The club and the Eisenhower Center are doing fine after paying for bills. Steve is collecting dues for this year. Please pay your dues as soon as possible if you haven’t already.


AAW scholarship: Jeff organized and was selected as our club’s nomination for the AAW Scholarship.


Rockler: We were invited to participate at a woodturning demonstration at the Rockler Store in Novi (26160 Ingersoll Dr. Novi, MI 48375) and publicize the club at the same time. Jeff is going to do the demonstration from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 2/19/19. Detroit’s club has the second slot in the afternoon to demonstrate turning from 1:00 to 3:00. AAW sent a packet of AAW material to be displayed at the Rockler presentation.

  • Jeff wants some cards and a flyer for the club to be laid out during a presentation to encourage others to join our club. Rockler wants their carbide tools used, but other standard tools can be used as well.
  • Jeff would like someone from the club to accompany him to help talk to people about the club. Erica supplied the flyer and Dan the cards.


Eisenhower has a new lathe. On 2/3/19 The Tool Shop is going to pick up the old lathe and sell it, all proceeds go to the club’s Eisenhower Center fund. If you have old tools that you’d like to donate to the club, let Jason know at The Tool Shop (6138 N. Canton Center Road, Canton, MI (734-667-33016) and he will sell them with the understanding that all proceeds go to the club for use at the Center.
Dan mentioned that recently a participant said that turning helped in his (her?) self-confidence and Erica said one client felt it was the best program the center offered. Tuesdays and Thursdays are the meeting days from 2 to 4pm. The center helps people with traumatic brain injuries. Russ started the program 6 years ago now. We were awarded several scholarships from AAW for this volunteer program with an article about it in the AAW journal.



  • It was suggested that we need to advertise on our web site regarding the Eisenhower Volunteer Program.
  • We also need to verify the balance of the year’s club meeting dates. Our new rental agreement does not address our April 21st meeting which falls on Easter this year. It simply states we can use the community center the 3rd Sunday of each month for our meetings. Jeff is going to check into options as we probably do not want to meet on Easter Sunday. Look for more information on this in the future.
    Jeff is going to look into possible options for storing the monitor somewhere besides the basement for future DVD presentations.


Special Raffle items:

  • No reply on a warranty of face mask option yet. Dan is working on this. (UPDATE: For the respirator warranty you would have to deal with UK manufacturer directly which would be a big hassle.) We will not be obtaining one of these for the special raffle, but if several people want to buy one on their own we could look into saving on shipping or possibly a discount for purchasing multiple units at one time.
  • Ideas for future special raffle items were solicited from club members. Different gouges, carbide hollowing tools, the Don Derry Hollowing tools were discussed. 7020 Manastash Rd. Ellensburg WA 98926 The Epoxy West system is used by Erica and she likes the results, another possibility. Other ideas suggested for the Special Raffle included: Negative rake scraper, Chatter tool, Bead tool. Club officers will consider all the suggestions and make a decision in the near future.


Collaboration with other clubs: Jeff received an email from the MI-Oh Woodturners. They want to set up a remote demo with a professional, well-known wood turner and wondered if we might want to collaborate with them. No presenter has been established or scheduled yet, VP John Fink is going to follow up on the details such as what are the financial implications between the clubs?


Setting up demonstrations: We brainstormed ideas for demonstrations for upcoming meetings. Erica suggested having back up YouTube or DVD presentations using our monitor. She wondered if we should ask the Webster Historical Society if we could bring up the monitor to the second floor so that we didn’t have to keep carrying it up from the basement. Jeff thinks he can manage to do that each time we need it.
Suggested ideas for Demonstrations this year:

  • Mark’s segmented work.
  • Dimitri’s segmented work.
  • Sharpening tools systems
  • Erica on Urn turning
  • Finishes
  • Jeff on Hollowing
  • Mark on creating different tools
  • Wood harvesting and blank preparation, maybe at Jim’s new shop
  • Threading
  • Inside out demonstrations requested by Carroll
  • There was also a discussion about visiting each other’s shops and share what we have learned.
  • Jeff will do a demonstration on basic boxes for the February Meeting.


Other Sales: Dan was contacted by Huron council of the arts, sale of the arts in June. The cost per 10×10 space is $150 plus $21 application fee. Jeff says this is not an unreasonable charge. They would provide the club an extra half space to demonstrate if we rent a space. No decision was made on this.


Welcome: A potential member/guest stopped in for the meeting, Steve Beckman who is retiring this summer, He is interested in joining our club and/or the one in Pontiac. He will meet with Russ or possibly other club members at their workshops for some orientation and mentorship.


Holiday Sale/Benefit: Steve indicated that Holiday sales event went well raising $3,400. $600 of the revenue goes to two charities. He is considering ways to streamline the cash collection process for this year. He suggests that each vendor handle his/her own sales and just give the total of the charity donation at the end of the sale. “Little” Joe was acknowledged for taking on leadership of this event since Erica went to Rome on vacation. Dan was his right-hand man.


Safety: It is especially important to wear a breathing mask when using wood with fungus i.e. spalted or other woods that trigger allergies. Characteristics of wood with fungus are the black lines between growth rings. John reminds us that we should use masks whenever we turn, the dust being detrimental to our lungs.

Show and Tell: Jim bought a lightbox to better record the work of our club membership. This month John, Erica, Joe, and Mark brought in things they made. Joe Eisley presented a bowl and cover he turned. We cut the discussion short because the business part of our meeting took a long time.
















Notice: Steve has his work displayed in Canton at the Village Theater for the month of January. Located at 50400 Cherry Hill Rd. Canton, MI 48187. Open from 10:00 to 2:00 on weekdays. Kudos to Steve for his fine work.


Demonstration Time: John had very little time to show a DVD on the Skew. He stopped the video from time to time to highlight important aspects like how one holds the skew at an angle on the tool rest. Viewing these DVDs is helpful for the good camera work and seeing close up the actual turning.


Eisenhower Center Volunteer Program: more volunteers welcome!
3200 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
From 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays
This is our club’s outreach to physically impaired by traumatic brain injuries.


Internet Club Deals

  • Club members are encouraged to use Woodturners Wonders, for some of their shop needs. If you do so and mention HVWT, the club will receive points that it can use in the future.
  • Members can receive a 15% discount through Hartville Tool, Be sure to mention your club’s name.
  • Members can receive a 10% discount from Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop


Reoccurring Events

  • September: 3rd Sunday of the month- Club Picnic
  • October: Saline Wood Carving Show at Old Liberty High School on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd.
  • December: Holiday Club Sale/Benefit – located at Crossroads Community Center the first weekend in December.

Dec 08 2018

Holiday Sale Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Rob Reilly on winning two bowls in the raffle at our Holiday Raffle. Well done and thanks to Rob and the other winners for supporting our club and our two great charities.


Nov 26 2018

Get ready for the 2018 Holiday Sale!

Holiday poster 2018

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